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I writing this seperate as the disc problems has more threads that my 5 year old levi's.
There had been mention of action being taken regards this problem.
Do you think I would buy an E6 after reading all this NO way! ,not with out a set of AP brakes ,and thats all that I would accept on it.
It is too much of a common problem to blame different driving techniques.One can drive like a pussy for 6 months ,give it some welly and find that hey! youv'e just joined the realms of warped disc [join the club]IT FREE!, well 27-30k to be fairly precise,and another 300 quid in installments thereafter ,untill you sell on the car to some one else ,who will keep up the payments .
There are enough of you all to contact CCC and give them hell.
Please don't think I am stirring up something that hasn't been stirred already,but I would be furious by now and probobly would have sold the car in favour of something else,and it wouldn't be a mitsi.
I wouldn't even touch a E7 ,[even if I could afford it].if its got the same set up brake wise as an E6 ,then ,wait for the installments to start up again.
This is purely my oppinion but how many would feel the same ,if finances became available for a change an upgrade.?
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