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Any1 else c the Men and amp; Motors thing last night car crazy Katie , filmed earlier this year at Oulton?
Can't recall all the Evo's there , but I know Peelys(?) , Silver Evo 7 , and a couple of others inc the Warranders cars had screen time , did ya miss it.
M and amp;M is virtually always ###### , and this was no exception , the silly, cackling Katie was bangin' on about how thrilled she was at every car and was on the point of orgasm during her track outings , but give her on.....errr I mean credit , she did say the Evo 7 was better than the Scoob.
Strange thing tho , I was actually stood by the silly girl a couple of times on the day and didn't even recognize her.
Anyway , just wondered.

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Yeah I saw it. See the 'Warrender Ralliart' thread for a comment I made about it earlier...OK I will repeat it here.
When Simon from Warrenders said the Sti7 and Evo7 BOTH had ANTI Yaw Control, it made me laugh!
Someone kindly pointed out that Ralliart and Mitsubishi have also called it ANTI Yaw Control in their literature and that made me laugh even more!
If the boys in suits don't know what they are fitting to the Evo then there is no hope really.

Evoboy what did you expect from Men and amp; Motors? I think I have only ever seen one good car programme on there, The Audi Quattro Story (I think it was a Duke Video), great programme and it even had a 5 second clip of Darin's Lancer 2000 competing back in '81-'82! (I stuck it on an mpeg and sent it to him ;))

I just caught 'Ultimate Rides' on Life TV (Sky CH202) at 2PM today and that is a bloody excellent programme. Basically its onboard cameras of various action sports events from sailing (yawn) right up to an ex-Jordan F1 car doing a hillclimb! (talk about over kill!). Memorable ones today were 250cc karts going round what looked like Silverstone GP circuit, sidecars doing the TT circuit (jesus that was unbelieveable!), a short clip of the XJ220 doing the Nuringberg ring and that Jordan F1 doing a hillclimb on the Isle of Man (even the driver shouted 'Jesus Christ!' when he crossed the line!). There were a few other bits and bobs as well, great programme ;)
Unfortunately its not on next Saturday, they have some Duke videos instead (old F1 stuff I think). Watch out for it in future though.

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Every time I've flcked on 2 M|PLS|M all dats bin on is jordans tits, I've never seen any cars.
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