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Yorkshire Run to Croft For The Xmas Stages Rally Mon 2nd Jan 2012.

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Anybody interested in going up to Croft Circuit on Monday 2nd January (bank holiday :D) to watch the Xmas Stages rally?


And here for >>CHRISTMAS STAGES RALLY<< site with a list of competitors etc.

If anybody is coming up from south of the circuit we can see about having a couple of meeting points on the way :smthumbup
If it is as warm as it has been lately it should be a good day out! :D
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YHPM sider,

all sounds good will see you en route:smthumbup
Anyway, you'll all be stopping a couple of Shell garages along the way so I probably beat the lot of you:lol:
we all know thats the case when im involved:mhihi:
So Phil, evo or not?
yeah i'll be in the evo, i dont mind getting mine dirty unlike plip, but thats mainly cos mines never clean:lol:
Haha, that was for plip phil, lol, but are you meeting us at 8:30 on A1 too? Looking at the forecast, i'm just going to change my wheels over. I reckon we might have to park on the grass area at Croft too.
Wintry showers and 1 degree. It's the excuse I need to swap the wheels over so I can clean them up.
i'm meeting you all at 9 just near thirsk, yeah we'll more than likely be in the grass field, i dont mind parking in the grass field, last time it was a good excuse to try out the new launch control, it provided entertainment for everybody waiting to get out, needless to say the car wasnt very clean:lol::lol:

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Lovin your work there Phil, looks great like that :smthumbup:D
Well I tried my best, :lol:

1st proper run since the new tubby was fitted :D
Don't be leaving me too far behind :(
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