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Yorkshire Run to Croft For The Xmas Stages Rally Mon 2nd Jan 2012.

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Anybody interested in going up to Croft Circuit on Monday 2nd January (bank holiday :D) to watch the Xmas Stages rally?


And here for >>CHRISTMAS STAGES RALLY<< site with a list of competitors etc.

If anybody is coming up from south of the circuit we can see about having a couple of meeting points on the way :smthumbup
If it is as warm as it has been lately it should be a good day out! :D
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I might be having a look over early on, will let you know later today.
Anyone popping over from North Lancs or Cumbria?

I might go, but will be going M6 - A66 via Kirkby Stephen (or could go via Penrith if anyone is going from that way?)
I might be heading over and would be going via M6 & A66 (Penrith) I'll let you know later today. :smthumbup
OK mate cheers. If that's the case i'll meet you in Penrith :smthumbup
Sorry mate, bludy typical just found out that I have family visitors coming over on Monday, tried to put them off but NO!!! So won't be going over now, enjoy :cry:
1 - 3 of 111 Posts
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