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Hi All

Happy New Year to everyone.

Next meet is on Sunday 21st January. Last month's meet went really well considering how close it was to Christmas (some pics under December's Yorkshire Meet thread). Hope this month's is equally as good and that the weather stays mild :)

The venue will be Scott Lowe's premises in Barnsley - same as last month. There's plenty of parking space and tea/coffee/soft drinks will be available - if you want something more substantial Maccyd's, Pizza Hut etc are nearby.

Link for location

Scott Lowe Ltd
Unit 8
The Old Bakery
Harborough Hill Road
S71 1BQ

If you're coming from J37 you approach Harborough Hill Road from the south. It's a dual carriageway so you have go down the hill, around the roundabout and back up the hill to the turning to Scott's place. There will be a sign out on the road to direct you into the industrial estate.

Meet from 12 noon onwards.

Everyone welcome.



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