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Anybody tried these ?

standard 17 rims ?

any good ?

wet/dry handling ?

Need to change my SO1's as the fronts are heavily worn on the inside edge after 13,500 miles

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I quite like them - they're much much quieter (less road noise) than the SO1. They don't seem to overheat and melt on track like the Bridgestone, and the shoulders don't wear out anywhere near as quickly.

They feel a bit more stable directionally, and I've not had any real slides in the wet (but I'm a wuss in the rain!).

They've lasted about 6,000 miles but are looking a bit worn - only 3-5mm left.

I got a set of a mate's mate for £400 - bargain ;)


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Chris S

The only person I know with these Yokos says they ruined the turn-in of his GT4. Did you find any difference compared to the SO1s? (he came from Dunlops IIRC)

I'm needing new boots shortly and the Yokos are in the running, despite what my friend says.

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no idea what to try.

need to get them fairly sharpish

does anybody try normal brands ?



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Difficult question m8 ;) They seem a bit more planted than the Bridgestones were, and they feel a bit heavier through the steering. I wouldn't say they knackered the turn in, but it does feel a bit less nervous and more deliberate. I quite like it as it feels secure, but if you're into a twitchy set up, you probably wouldn't like it.

Dave (Skylump GT-R) on here has (had?) them on his Skyline, and he thought they were pretty good on that too.

As usual, you pays your money and amp; you take your choice.


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I've just had a set of AVS sport. Turn in on no power feels about the same as the S01 i.e not great, however they are much more planted and have given me much more confidence to push on (not always a good thing with plod about). They are much less noisy than the S01 and grip well in the dry (although squeal a bit when pushed). Grip in the wet is not brilliant but they slide progressively. Overall I am please with them and would go for them again if I get more than

After the S01 they will feel great, the only question in my mind is whether the S03 would be better. A mate of mine has just put some Goodyear F1 on his Integrale and seems to like them. The chaps in the tyre place I went to were telling me they fit the tyres on a F3000 drivers Evo 5, he has Michelin Pilots on 18 rims (35 profile?).

If I had a spare set of rims then I might fit them out with Colway remoulds as these slide beautifully. AYC would stop part of the fun but there's always the relay that can be pulled.

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I'm just about to replace my boots too, I was thinking about getting so3's just for road use how do they compare to the yoko's?


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Don't do a thing till after the weekend because by then I will of had my Toyo Proxes T1-S fitted (currently running Bridgestone SO-1's)
Can't wait to try these out, I shall be giving them some serious stick!

I also considered the Yoko's but have heard good and bad things about them. I've heard only good about the Toyo's.

Watch this space.

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the AVS sück. They just do. I tried them, drove for 1,500kms and they were gone on the outside and on the inside. The only decent road tire so far is the PZero yellow. and I dont mean good, I mean decent.

Yoko A032s are good. Not for winter though. Maybe try the Advan Neovas?

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Mine came with new Falken 451's when I bought it. I thought they would be crap, as they are a cheap (bloke who sold me the car bought a wheel and tyre package) tyre. They are superb in the wet, you wouldn't notice the roads weren't dry. Don't know about the dry yet, 'cos it's rained since I bought it!

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I wimped out and went the SO3 route.

I don't do track days so its not a huge worry about the track performance.

Micheldever did a good job.

My alignment was aweful, ate all 4 inside edges.

I should check more often I guess

initially impressed, feels better, more planted, way better turn in.

better feedback from the wheel.

of course thats not pushing it as I want to bed them in a bit first

I'll update after a week to two.

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Thought I would update this.

Most what tyres posts never get completed with what people actually fitted and what they thought of them.

so, I had SO3 PP fitted to my TME.
(Micheldever tyres £110 inclusive |PLS| £36 for front and rear tracking)

My tracking was WAY out front and rear and had chewed up the inside edges of the SO1s that were fitted from new.

Its been a few weeks so I have started leaning on them a little more :)

Grip in the dry is excellent, almost no tramlining (but then the tracking is now sorted so maybe that helps) Haven't managed to break grip or even feel close to doing so.

Now, being in England, wet weather handling is pretty important border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

These tyres are just SO much better than the SO1 in the wet. bags of grip, no terminal understear when you stick into one of those stupid mini roundabouts a little too quickly.

High speed cornering(road NOT track speeds) feels planted and stable, no settling into the bend (my scoob did this on SO2's) feel must more stable than the SO1

All in all I am very happy, but lets wait for summer and see just how soft and sticky these things get when pushed hard in the sun
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