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yet another plasma/lcd question

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i can't decide whether to get the panny p60 for £900 or go for the sony KDL46W2000U - £2k or similar

while to date I prefer the picture of plasmas - ie better, more saturated colours, no ghosting, etc the plasma is only 1024x768

the sony is 1900x1080 and can display a 1080p signal - also would love a 46" tv (50" too big).

i kind of got caught out buying a SD plasma just before the HD prices dropped loads and would like a more futureproof tv but have real reservations about LCD - my dad has a 40" bravia and i am not impressed!! ive heard 1080 plasmas are circa £5k which is out of the question!!

as stated in an earlier thread, I have the Sky HD box coming thiis weekend and would like the TV beforehand

thoughts please!!

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Thanks for the info :smthumbup
Adamantium said:

any reviews for us on the bd player?
Sort of from a previous thread . I'm still under an embargo re reviews, it's in my interests ;) to respect it. Search engines find a lot on MLR :(

I will say that it would be worth waiting for :) , Or maybe the incestuously related Sony BDP-S1 ;) . I'm "advised" that Sony provided the software and Pio the BD drive :confused:

Related, but off topic, played with a Tosh HD-DVD earlier this week. Only comment I can make is " :moon: "


5000EX is "Product of the year" at CES - Las Vegas :coolsm:
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