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Yet another cool mod...

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Ok, Stack have agreed to swap out my current 8130p stack dash for a full on rally one that shows boost, EGT, air intake temp etc.... AND does FULL TRACK MAPPING, sensing steering angle ,suspension angle, wheel speed, throttle position etc. etc.

Plug in the laptop, maps the track, speed, lap times, G - everything!

Cool or what? Not too expensive (relatively).

Does anyone have a spare room, as a divorce may be imminent if the missus finds out about this and everything else.

Think the turbo may wait for a bit :( Could do with a bonus :D :D :D
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I'd ask the CEO about the bonus, but I hear he is tight A**** and spends all the company money on his car ;)

As for the accomodation, if I get my car mods done I will need a place as well. Could we start a refuge for homeless Evo owners :D
Lol! We could just sleep in our EVOs - latest mod: Kitchenette, shower .... etc...!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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