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thanx for the advice, Ill put in super unleaded in now, but a octane booster seems a bit drastic !. Is this a must on a standard engine. !

RE wheels , the evo sales leaflet I saw had with a yellow 3 in it with white wheel pictured on , so I think there are standard for this model , they are OZ wheels. were can I get looking wheel nuts for them.

Re SVA certificate, The car came with full uk regisition
docs and current mot |PLS| old mot and has been in uk for 2 years do I still need the sva paper work.

the car has rear fog light,mph speedo,small filler neck
so it must of been through sva I hope.

thanx for replies


cant spell !!!!!!!

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Octane booster is not really needed day to day, best to keep a bottle or two handy for trackdays or when you can't get hold of SUL though.

You look to be right about the wheels, the Jap brochure on this very site show a yellow III with white wheels!

Keep the SVA stuff, why not? It shows a caring owner when you come to pass the car on, no?

Does your car have the foglight in the red panel on the boot next to the number plate?

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Keep all your old docs, its nice when you come to sell it.
I've all the receipts,MOT's etc for my MGB that I bought 10 years ago. Its a big box

I prefer to run mine with SUL and an octane booster if I can. But it won;t explode if you use SUL and no booster
I find with the booster the last 2000 rpm are electrifying. Slightly less so with SUL only.
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