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Right here I go guys please do bear with me cause I'm not the best at talking technical if you know what I mean.
Right I've got an evo 4 and the rear axle is making so noises:-
It groans when I pull of, then again I had a paddle clutch fitted a few months ago and it's only since then, maybe something to do with it?
As I go go into a roundabout without any power it groans, however if I go into the roundabout with some power on it doesn't. Does that make sense to anyone???
I Remeber reading on here about a few people with noisey rear yaw and somebody said it works changing the rear fuid. Is that true? Is it an easy job? as easy as changing the oil and filter?
Is there some kind of haynes manual for the evo cause that would really help me out, there's just so much I want to learn about these cars.
Thank you for taking the time to read this thread and bearing with me. Hope some one can help!!!!!
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