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Ordered a set of xp10's for the k sport 330 8 pots for evo 6, anyone gad this kit and can give feedback, should be here and on the road in few weeks, thanks Ian !!
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Have had a few brake packages in the past and these are far superior.

I dont seem to be getting the squeel others have mentioned on my K-Sports.

You will not be dissapointed in this package.

Need some temp in them but you will feel better when braking later.
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Asking for feedback before you bought the kit may have been a better plan :confused: :lol:

Brake section would have been the place to post this and ask about them in the first place too....

Anyway, you only have to look at the number of posts praising both K Sports and Carbotech pads to know you're onto a winner :smthumbup

For the benefit of others in the future, when you get them fitted and well bedded in you could do a feedback post of your own too :)

Sure you'll be happy with both items.
Carbotech xp8/xp10 and k-sports???!!!!!...utter junk!!.....according the people who have never used them:shake::lol:

Very good combo.
Lol thanks well needed some brakes and got the whole font kit and the pads for less than 900 quid so thought it's worth it at that price, also i will thanks I've been a member a while but ain't used it much so gettin to know my way round the whole site and forum but thanks guys!! Will the rear standard brembos work well with the front kit?
Rear Brembos are normally fine for 95% of users on here. If you haven't already, it would be worth getting some matching XP10s for the rears - they're a very strong pad with good bite, leaving the rears with pants pads will see your car nose dive heavily. XP10s on the back will help retain the balance nicely, while making your brakes as good as you can :smthumbup

Decent fluid, some braided lines and you really won't need to do anything to them again :)
Yeah sound thanks and what's best fluid to use ?
Yeah sound thanks and what's best fluid to use ?
There's plenty out there, I know a lot of people like Motul RBF600. I've used ATE Super Blue, alternated with Halfords Dot 5. The ATE stuff is blue, the Halfords clear, so really easy to check when it's fully bled through.

Never had a problem on Halfords Dot 5, and I use 590 bhp on heavy braking on track all the time - only costs £10 a litre, rather than £16 for the Motul or £30+ for some of the more "branded" fluids that IMHO really isn't needed unless you're Lewis Hamilton :lol:
Hi was wondering where you got your k-sports and xp10 pads as i would like some in the near future, cheers
PM the tyrant as he is carbotech for europe.

I recieved great service and good prices from him.
Hi was wondering where you got your k-sports and xp10 pads as i would like some in the near future, cheers
Worth a PM to Thetyrant on here, he runs Carbotech Uk who make the XP10s, and he also supplies KSport kit and does decent deals for MLR Members.

Glad to see you made it home ok :smthumbup Got to Taunton and everyone rolled in except you so we waited up on the dual carriageway out of Taunton after everyone had gone their seperate ways but didn't see you go by. Nice to meet you earlier :)
Yeah he supplied my carbotech pads, I landed on the k sport kit from a member on here !!
Whilst on the braking subject, can anyone pm what I should push for my front brembo kit callipers discs and pads and whatever else comes off as il have them to sell in a weeks time ??
Bought the rear xp10s too today should be here tomorrow and fitted for wakey next week with the new k sports, any one advise Me if there's any kind of special way to bed these in and what mileage I need to do before hard braking!!
Contact/pm ian (carbotech) for bedding in advice.

I presume get hotter and hotter till on fire:D then allow to totally cool

Worked for my 10 sets of xp8's.:D
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