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Considering selling my xbox as I barley use the thing and could use the money for some evo bits.

I bought it on Nov 29th but the HDMI output died so I went to game and had it replaced with a brand new console a few weeks ago. I have receipts to show this and the console still has the 3 year warranty. Everything is in mint condition as its barely used.

I have:
  • Xbox 360 elite (120GB black)
  • 2 x black wireless controllers
  • black Headset
  • black play and charge kit
  • Xbox HDMI kit (HDMI cable + optical sound adapter)
  • Games: Forza 3, Call of Duty MW2, GTA IV

I paid £220 console+games, £30 controller, £15 charge kit, £20 HDMI cable so £285 total.

Was going to stick it on ebay but thought id try here first...

£190 Delivered
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