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X-Box live, how safe for the kids ?

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Being over 45 I'm not quite upto date with this X-Box live stuff. Broadband finally came to our village last week and so we are now on a nice 2mb connection :D I have bought the kids the HALO 2 X-Box live pack and have the Netgear games adapter on order to link into our wireless network.

How safe is it for the kids ? I see there is a headset in the box and both Wendy and myself are a little concerned that it could be like a chatroom ? Is this the case or does it not work like that ?

Does anyone else let their younger children play on it and if so, what kind of supervision do you give them.
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Best thing for you is to try it yourself to see what goes on. Most games have their own "community" and some are better than others. What I can tell you for sure is that you can't protect your kids from abusive language. Many games do act like a "chat room". TBH the thing that probably puts "older" gamers such as myself off is the proliferation of idiotic kids on Live. It's nothing they probably don't hear in the playground, but you should be aware that there is a lot of swearing and abuse going on.
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