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As a new joiner to the Lancer Register (although I'm on my 2nd evo) I thought I'd make my first contribution to the Forum.

A friend of mine who is a professional racing driver (multiple Formula Ford champion, Formula Palmer Audi) runs a company offering track-days. With my links to the lancer register I've persuaded him to offer members the chance to do a track-day at the Wroughton airfield in April at reduced rates.

The event will be run by a team of highly experienced motorsport professionals and Motorsport Events Limited is a company with many years of experience in this field and they know how to ensure you have the very best track day possible.

The track-day will be on April 19 at Wroughton Airfield near Swindon. A 2-mile circuit has been set out by a professional racing driver so it isn't just a boring airfield - there will be braking boards,etc. Safety is taken very seriously and so there will be very experienced instructors, marshals and paramedics on hand as well.

The price is an already reasonable £89 but this will be reduced if we can get a few of us together.

Any one interested? For more info go to

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Count me in .
Mail me at paul [email protected]
5 mins from my house by Evo.
Been trying to get some info on this agenda .I can do with a day off.2 days in 2 weeks what with cadwell ,Hey! Why not spoil myself.
The Diary has just been filled and my shop is shut.

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Its nice to know that Makman cares and remembers!


Ed Moore

P.S. Next Wroughton day is May 24th - call us on 0870 787 2116.
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