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A big thank you to Chris & Alan (sp?) @ WRC Technologies for the work you put into my car and the hospitality you showed my wife and I, it was a pleasure to meet you both.

Not only was the car done very nicely but everything was explained to me so I know exactly what was done, why it was done and what the benefits are of HOW it was done are, which is probably the most important thing ;)
That’s no small feat considering how little I knew at the start!

The end result is a much improved 260 with very strong pull right through the rev range, nice and subtle when driven normally and all the right sounds when given a boot full. The only downfall is the increased noise from the person in the passenger seat :confused: :crackup:

And all done witin a nice safe range which issomething that needs to be top of the priority list if your cars an everyday drive.

I’d highly recommend the upgrade to every 260 owner, the remap being a part of the process which really shouldn’t be left out, especially since it’s tailored to each individual car, it really does make a major difference.
I can't understand why the car feels smoother either :confused: but it definately does.

I put a couple of graphs up for those who are interested (the red lines are the original map, 276bhp straight outta the box :D ).
For the record I went with a 3” exhaust (for the reduced noise level over the 3.5”), intercooler, induction kit and BOV.

I'd be interested in a "full Fat" evo owner giving it a blat for comparrison, anyone interested?

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any reason your temperatures seem to be out side of that which is acceptable ??

quote chris WRC


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Are you guys using corrected bhp figures on your dyno figures?

The AT, RH, BP figures you are using are default values in shootout software.

For those that don't know - AT - ambient air temperature; RH - relative humidity; BP - Barometric Pressure.

The dyno needs a weather station to keep an eye on these factors - or your bhp results could become very inaccurate - and misleading.

For everyone else - If the IT (inlet temp) is not within 5 degrees of the AT - treat any dyno graphs you come across with care. A lot of people want to tune their evo - but I don't want to have to explain why thie rfigures are not what they expect when they come to WRC's dyno after having the car mapped elsewhere.



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