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WRC Evo400 Ti Turbo Graph

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Posted below :D

Theres always some, eh :rolleyes: ;)
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True Evolution, well done guys, fantastic results after a lot of development work :coolsm:
Russs said:
Funny that, I've seen a car that Sam mapped that detted for fun too.
WULLIE said:
bbigmans detted
Russs/Wullie, I don't know you guys personally but I do know your both full of **** with these comments, I can't believe you're posting such rubbish without backing it up with hard facts.

It's bad enough that someone as well regarded and experienced as Sam has to answer to unfounded criticism but then to expect him and evo400 to divulge their hard earned development ideas is just bonkers if you ask me. I mean, what other tuning company EVER enters into ANY discussion about development work on the MLR? I can't think of a single one, can you?

Come to think of it what other tuning company is actually taking EVO tuning to the next level like these guys are, not many I can tell you, less than a handful at the most. That leaves the rest of the so called tuners to make fancy ads and just follow the crowd bolting on the latest fashionable part.

Sam and Dave are very helpful guys even if evo400's forum decorum is a little abrupt at times, just a little ROFL. Anyone that has ever worked with them will tell you how good these guys are. Their results are clear to see to everyone, proven results on the road, dyno and race tracks across Europe if not the World.
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WULLIE said:
i'll remember you what it was.

speedyantifada. had a blown turbo bought from dave.

sam started a thread about motorsport parts and warranties.

claiming that any part used for mototsport cannot be warrantied.

but its written in law that.

ANY thing sold for the purpose intended must be capable for the job.
i.e. if something is sold as a motorsport part it must be fit for use.

and anyway that was months ago.

i was interested in knowing how the shroud worked and asked the question. thats all nothin personal was intended but they, for some reason took it as such and went all childish.

i just hope nobody else thats interested has a question as i wouldnt like the same treatment to happen to others.

yet again please show the personal attack i have made on either of them or remove your statement.

BTW, im booked in for a full weekend of massaging ;)
So you are telling me that your whole point is based on what someone else did with a turbo they bought once upon a time from Dave :rolleyes: you're kiddin right :confused:

And as for what Sam may or may not have said, this is the same for EVERY motorsport company invloved. I mean how can you warranty something that the customer may turn the boost up to 30bar to win a race, you can't. And I quote from a very well known turbo charger's T&C's:

Turbochargers used for any form of racing or competition and/or set to run higher than standard boost pressure are supplied in good faith and on the understanding that no guarantee is given in respect of performance or reliability of the product, either by the manufacturers or XX Ltd. The choice of lubricating oil is paramount to the reliability of the Turbocharger - please contact our technical department or ask for the XX "Oil Fact Sheet".

XX Ltd. cannot be held responsible for personal injury or damage caused to the engine or vehicle by a failed turbocharger"

Waranty is given as require by law:

Where the buyer under the Contract (not being a Contract for the International Sale of Goods) deals as a Consumer within Section 12 of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 then nothing contained in any of the following Conditions shall restrict or affect the statutory rights of the buyer.

XX Ltd warrant to the Buyer that goods shall be free of defect in workmanship and components. If any goods contain such defects, then upon written notice thereof by the Buyer, XX Ltd shall have the right in its discretion to repair or replace the defective goods or to refund a prorata of the purchase price applicable to the defective goods.

Save as provided herein all representations, conditions, warranties and terms, whether express or implied by common law statute or otherwise, as to the quality, condition or fitness for any purpose of the goods are excluded.

In no event shall XX Ltd be liable under this warranty for any amounts in excess of the purchase price of the goods and no allowance will be made for labour.

XX Ltd shall not be liable for contingent or consequential damages. This warranty covers goods manufactured, re manufactured and serviced by XX Ltd for a period of twelve months, or 50,000 miles, after delivery to the user / purchaser, which ever is reached first. In the case of petrol engine turbochargers, XX Ltd shall warrant for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles, which ever is reached first, after delivery to the user / purchaser.

Components and product manufactured by others which are used by XX Ltd in the servicing of turbochargers of which are offered for resale complete, shall be warranted only to the extent of the warranties of their respective manufacturers. All other warranties, expressed or implied are excluded."

And your points is again :confused:

If you want information on the new shroud then call Dave up, you can see how good his PC skills are :eek: Call him :)
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WULLIE said:
bream please ask any of the guys who attend the mlr RR day last summer. i was there and seen it
What did they see exactly?
WULLIE said:
i dont have any point. i was just reminding moses of something that happened in the past that is all nothing else.

i'll rephrase it from seeing to hearing. the rolling road guys ''heard'' detonation.

i was there, it was the 2nd may 2004. whether people want to broadcast that their car has det or not thats their prerogative.

im sure if any other member that was in attendance that would like to speak up then that would be nice :cool:
Who would that be then?

And are you still talking about bbigmans car?
WULLIE said:
who would who be? if you mean attendees then there was around 15+ cars there so im sure i wasnt the only one to be told of it. im not really interested though. sam asked which of his cars detted, all i was doing was answering him

i was actually just asking what the shroud does to allow a drop in boost and increase power + torque.

now all this other p1sh has crept in :shrug:
You may well have been answering sam but you forgot to actually ask Glen. I spoke to Glen today and whilst I won't divulge the full conversation I will say you are out of order with your comments, hence my reply.

Like I said, evo400's PC skills are sometimes questioned, often by himself :D Always best to call him up and talk ;)
Dark Evo said:
Calm down guys, it's only a game.

'You are all talking about Celtic V Rangers aren't you? :confused:
GT4 actually ;) :D
WULLIE said:
out of order in what way? i wasnt telling lies. unless someone was making up stories on the day.
Well you weren't exactly telling the whole truth were you!

Let's ask bbigman himself shall we, and I quote:

"hello mate, AVA tried to tell me that my intake temps were very high and that it was beginning to Det on the rollers, to be perfectly honest I think AVA are a bunch of tossers and don't have a clue what there talking about.

I do NOT believe that car was detting and it certainly was not on the road, bear in mind it was running a 6 engine and turbo.

My graphs I believe should be on the MLR somewhere, and if not spanpody will have it on file, the car was pure class on the road, and mapped to perfection in my mind.

Regards Glen"

Now that's the whole truth isn't it?

And even if it did begin to shows signs of det due to their RR load, temps etc, it obviously wasn't serious at all seeing at the continued to do a full power run.

Not trying to stir things up but by you just posting random comments like 'bbigmans car detted' is out of order in my book.
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Russs said:
You do know or you don't know. Which is it?
Everyone is full of **** mate :p

Not in the mood to squabble any more.
Will say that I haven't lied about what I've seen.
Sorry if you're having problems reading but it seems quite clear, don't know you but do know your comments not founded.

Well, I don't want to squabble either but that's what happens when you post up rubbish comments for all to see and reply to.
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