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WRC Evo400 Ti Turbo Graph

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Posted below :D

Theres always some, eh :rolleyes: ;)
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moses this is with just a new compressor cover myself and TD have developed along with a aps exhaust . less boost than the previous 3" inlet system that was better that the stock cover .

406 hp on a maha roller is some going . would expect over 420 hp on a dyno dynamics set up .
all @ 1.5 bar boost .
well done sam and it just shows we are giveing real developments .

moses said:
by the way dave what kind of power do u think it will make if it ran 2 bar and i see their is no need bud :) low boost and alot of torque, ******* awesome
moses theses dyno won't allow for a huge boost spike like we run on the dyno dynamics dynos due to the lenght of time of the runs . maha's tend to kill theses cars dead but even with big inlet temps sam still gave the numbers . thess runs were taking around 30 seconds for a 4th gear run which you know is no where near the road times .


ps will be testing even more new idea's on the 9 .
3 months development and hard work to get the end product .

Paul_G said:
Is that the 3.5" APS exhaust? (Mine should be going on next month).

How much for the turbo conversion?
phone me for details paul .


Spanpody said:
1.5 at the top end
brian stuarts car ran 1.5 bar ish and even less @ the top end . please post your graph and people will be able to see the real picture . also stuarts car left your car for dead before did it not ???

also you made 374.5 hp not 380hp . you were also 21hp atw's down not 8 as you said . if your going to compare lets do it on a fair playing field or your point is lost .

dave :D :D
and we still don't own a evo between us yet !!!

brian your so nice pal !! :D

and you never bite lol you should take a run in the car .

pity we carn't get thoses graphs overlayed just shows what a big differnce is to be seen with this conversion .
CAM 6 said:
Well done Staurt

A couple of questions

1. Is it still deting?

2. Is it still surging??

Im sure Star would have told you this????
CAM 6 if you have a hidden agenda then you should not be a MLR member in a position.
but to answer your question yes the car is detting all over the place and its surges like a pig hence it not making any power or torque . perhaps we should remap it @ AVA what do you say ???

:crackup: :p
chunky said:
Maybe wise, because cars seem to det on their rollers but not on the road!
nail on head
so you have no connection with AVA and don't wish to bring sam's good name down with your unfounded comments . sam uses det cans as used by WRC teams no cheap jobbies here . but i did answer question but you seem to have not read it .

if you want to be a smart arse don't talk to sam and i . your not constructive and we won't talk to you further if you continue to post rubbish .
chunky said:
Maybe wise, because cars seem to det on their rollers but not on the road!
Dark Evo said:
Cool :cool:

So what's the Profile on these newly developed Cams by Dave and Sam?

Or is that another trade secret :secret:

:rolleyes: :D
try asking mark about his cam profiles lol

have you got the car sorted now ?

The Admiral said:
My thoughts are that basic mapping/tuning cams etc is most easily and safely done on a RR and then "fine tuning" on the road?

Am I right that AVA's method of holding at set rpm puts more load on engine and higher intake temps? So the map they make under these conditions will be "safer", but get less power/torque?

Really looking forward to having a pax ride in Martin or Stuart's cars in the near future - their spool up looks Amazing! Awesome cars guys :coolsm:

Is the peak in Martin's plot above 5k due to mad cams, or an artefact btw? :crackup:

Cheers :)
you will have to tell the others about the ride . most good ecu's run a offset table with temp compensationin 3d sometimes even 4 d so if inlet temp hit say 35 the ecu cuts the ignition to allow for safe running . whats the point of running a car on dyno and doing this to it . after many many hours of real time datalogging on the motec and gems under every load we never see the situations you are discribing . we mapped mad mats evo 4 up i am 17 stone . the others failed to say there weights ! bitchs .

won't be long ! sam has mapped the sm4 already all be it not on a evo and says its very good . mark will have things sorted and his cam profiles like are's are designed for each application . dave
wullie russs your doing wallace performance a brill job of making sure are scottish customers don't go anywhere near you or any place you frequent . do you realize how many cars that actually is .and do they realize the costs to there business's .
he is another brand new product moses/stu

full 3" turbo back modular front pipe system .

£325 another product from the EVO400/DENTIST . FOR ALL EVO'S 4 ONWARDS
another . reduce that back pressure ! also external wastegate pipe a option .
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