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Monday January 8th, 2007 4pm EST-
WORKS at North American International Auto Show- Mitsubishi Motors hits a home run with the Lancer and Prototype X.
Today was the very successful reveal of the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer and the Prototype X, a prototype version of the EVO X (Ten). We ask, "Is Mitsubishi the only Japanese manufacturer that isn't afraid to remain uniquely Japanese?"

After witnessing multiple product launches from other manufacturers that all featured US marketing style approaches with bland, safe, low risk products;Mitsubishi, the underdog, chooses a take-no-prisoners approach.

The presentation itself was very Japanese, no hired talking heads, just the real people that make the calls and no fluffy marketing language... Hiroshi Harunari- President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America and the President of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation.

Their message in a nutshell:

1. Yes, Mitsubishi is now in the Black

2. Here is our new product- the new Lancer and EVO and it is steeped in our unique motorsports tradition.

3. Most importantly it's manufactured and designed in Japan without compromise for the global market.

No soft SUV's for the 'burbs here, no cushy (aka "active lifestyle") designer-brand interiors, no oversized wide interiors for fast food junkies... just the right stuff that stirs our passion for cars!

A return to the Lancer, the ultimate underdog that defeated Porsche's 911 in the 1973 Safari Rally and started the Evolution process.

Car guys/gals and motorsport enthusiasts rejoice... Mitsubishi signals a return to the JDM philosophy and a return to its roots: Innovative, affordable, high performance cars that are proud to remain uniquely Japanese. Designed in Japan from the same team responsible for the Evolutions we all know and love, this design team led by Masaki Matsuhara was not afraid to take risks and choose a more discriminating path. With Prototype X featuring it's menacing front end to a fully functional rear diffuser, the look is unique, uncompromising, stylish, and most of all, purposeful. Where most manufacturers seem to evolve only in girth, price and softer suspension...the Lancer remains taught, cut and ready to do battle.

The Lancer and Prototype X reveal also marked a new marketing direction for Mitsubishi in North America, a focus on the company's rich motorsport heritage. With fantastic video of Mitsubishi's experience in the Dakar-Rally, WRC, and the Baja-1000, the footage was captivating. From Tommi Makinen (EVO 6) to David Higgins and Lauchlin O'Sullivan (EVO 7/8) to Dan Fresh (Raider) defeating the big budget teams, the motorsport focus was a breath of fresh air for long time Mitsu-fans. If that wasn't enough... the 1973 first generation Lancer 1600 GSR championed by Joginder Singh in the Safari Rally was on display front and center. Super-sweet! As a result, the launch at 1:55pm today was one of the most well attended press conferences of the entire Auto Show. Where most press conferences seemed to thin out midway through their presentations, the Mitsubishi Motors launch gained momentum and all attendees rushed the Lancer and Prototype X as soon as they could.

The energy was electric and very positive for hours after the presentation. We think this optimism will last for years with the "new" Mitsubishi.
- K. Harper

for pics check out the WORKS Gallery at:

links to youtube links:
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