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Well, finally I have managed to gather all the pieces me and my wife decided we liked for our Evo X, and these were installed few days ago.

So in addition to pics found in the original thread
( )
here are few more:

Indecent behind:

BHP Carbon rear wing pic 1:

BHP Carbon rear wing pic 2:

FQ / Creative Carbon rear carbon diffuser pic 1:

More of carbon diffuser + exhaust shields and new exhaust tips:

We've installed a completely new exhaust (including decat downpipe and mid pipe with hi-flow sports cat, plus all the other pieces - all made by a local producer Lastovcic)

Carbon license plate holder:

Under the hood:

SS/carbon antenna:

The car seems much more responsive since the tune which included:

Blitz air filter (stock intake)
HKS hard pipe kit
Lastovcic decat downpipe
Lastovcic complete exhaust with hi-flow sports cat
SSP SST tranny cooler

The car is somewhat louder than before, but just enough so its not intrusive (as this car is primary family vehicle, mostly driven by my wife and we have two small kids). There is no droning and overall we like the sound.

In terms of performance the car is much more responsive, spooling is faster and generally the car feels transformed. The map is optimized for RON100 fuel and I think the car now produces at least 50 more hp than before. The damn dyno broke as we were to perform the last test... so real performance figures will have to wait!

Enjoy the summer!


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Various sources - smaller bits mostly Rexpeed, one part of EBay, diffuser is from FQ Performance (made by Creative Carbon) and the wing... Hmmm can't remember who I bought it from, but was from UK.

looks very nice - where did you buy the carbon bits from :D

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I have to say the performance has really been transformed. Yesterday I took it for some very spirited driving and it was great! Top speed also seems to have grown, but sadly forgot the GPS to measure the accuracy of the speedometer - it showed 270 kmh when I had to stop accelerating on a very long (and only) straight.
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