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My name is Raphael. I drive a yellow Mitsubishi Evo 8 year 2004 with 76`000km and some extra horsepower

Unfortunately I have some problems...

1.the windscreen wiper does only full blast even if it`s turned of
2.the control lamp SRS is on, I don`t know why

Because I got these two problems at the same time it may has something to do together… a guy in the German – forum told me that it`s maybe the collision sensor in the front left side (I`m not sure if “collision sensor” is the right translation).

I assume I got the problem by the engine cleaning from last week when I did the 75`000 intervall service. Or maybe on Monday, when I had to dig out my car because of heavy snowfall.

The questions I have for you are:

•Can I find the bug by read-out the engine ecu with OBD and the programm OBD-DIAG a friend of mine has?
•Any other suggestions what the problem could be?
•Any other suggestions to find the bug…

I am very happy for every reply. These bloody wipers are getting really on my nerves…



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Have a look at the control module in the LHS footwell underneath the trim. There is s connector plug which sometimes corrodes up - this was the problem with my wipers a couple of weeks back
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