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Just fitted my 'summer' tyres (A046s) on standard EVO 8 Enkei alloys. All I can say is 'wow'. Driving as hard as I have been on my 'winter' set (Toyo Proxies T1-Rs (on standard EVO 7 alloys)) & they have plenty left before things might get edgy. They are perhaps a little more 'nervous' than the T1-Rs, but perhaps the word sensitive might be more accurate.

Anyway, the reason I've posted this thread is just to say that if you can afford it & don't mind storing a set of alloys / tyres in your garage, buying the best winter & summer tyres means more fun for more of the year - after all, fun is one of the reasons that we own these cars after all :)

I keep the T1-Rs on for 7 months & have the A046's on from the beginning of June (I'm a bit early I know :) ) through to the end of October (or there abouts).

I know that A046's are as rare as Sabre Tooth tiger's teeth, but there are some good road legal grippy tyres available that would be good to use through the summer months.

Hope that this is of some use to some of you guys who are considering this.

Keep have fun (I know I will) :D


P.S. Don't forget to tell your insurance company about the second set of alloys (unless they are the same).
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