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Okay so I was doing doordash, and this neighborhood I had to drive through had really big speed bumps, and I thought I could clear it, which I did end up doing, however not without it touching my front center cross-member that's brand new. After though, I checked to see if anything was damaged, and saw there wasn't. After, I had to take the freeway to my next stop ending up driving on a horribly bumpy road going downhill then up, and had to come to a stop at the light on the hill, but had no issues still. It wasn't until I tried to park in this lot next to my stop, where it did have an incline, that my shifter literally freeballed. In the moment of me trying to park, I had my foot on the brake and turned the car off and went to put into first so it could park (my e-brake doesn't work). That's when I felt the shifter not go into anything in the fork, so I thought my clutch took a crap. I tried turning it back on and it did start but I still couldn't feel it go into any gear, also having to brake due to the hill in the parking lot. So I turned it off, and tried to turn it back on again and it did, then I tried moving it in 1st and it was trying to move but it was like it was like the wheels had locked up. So I turned it off, and then turned it back on again but that's when the shifter felt like it locked. I thought it locked in a gear but that's not the case, the shifter can move forward towards 3rd, but it's not actually moving into gear if that makes sense, it's still free balling but only forward but I can't get it to go towards any other gear because it feels like it's locked up. After trying, it then wouldn't start anymore. After towing it home though and waiting a bit it started back up, but when I let go of the clutch it jarringly cuts off. If anyone can help me figure out what's going on so I can fix it please please please let me know what it could be!
Thank you for your time
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