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Hi guy n gals,

I recently had a full decat Magnex exhaust and an APS cold air induction kit fitted with the intercooler water reservoir by SHM. They have aso wired in a Motec M800, which is running on a safety map at the moment, and I am due to get this mapped by them next week.

:) V happy with the work so far, but I have become aware of a very low-level "fan" - type noise. I dont know if this was there previously.

It is there from as soon as I start up the car, it doesnt get louder with increasing road speed, going round corners etc doesnt make any difference, and it isnt noticeable with the window down - the background noise drowns it out.

It sounds like a fan, but it isnt the thermostat-linked cooling fan, which is v obvious.

Ive looked everywhere, but I have no idea where its coming from. Someone plesae tell me its normal, or am I going mad??? :confused:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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