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Re:why the hostility

i am actually considering these as a winter tyre
mind you global warming means winters seem to have died around here

arm your self with a ruler and measure the rubber to gap ratio
probably around 65 % tread to groove ratio
so whats left needs to be soft

and everything flows from there
btw all max performance tyres are similar


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To try to answer the question. The S-03's are a backward step from the S-02's. Bridgestone admit this in private and are now speeding the S-04s into production. I was told by a reliable source that they even looked at bringing back the S-02s. I believe that was not possible because they had moved production for the S-03s to a new plant and the moulds were not compatible.

I have driven both on the same car, doing many miles on them. The S-02s are IMO, better in every way. The overall grip is higher and they are more progressive and predictable at breakaway. The only problem with S-02s is that towards the end of their life they go off very quickly. I got 15K miles from them and they were not as good for the last 4K. I have S-02s on my current car and I will not replace them with S-03s when they die.

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i was surprised to hear that a mate of mine got some S02 last month when i couldn't get any back in Nov. It could just be that he looked harder than me, but i wondered then whether they had put them back into production.

Any news on when the S04 will be along?

For the record I quite like my Yoko AVS in the dry. They are crap in the wet though. Claudius (or Krautie or whatever) I know you don't like them but the're OK for a slow driver like me

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At the moment I would consider the following
P Zero Yellows
Try very hard to find some S-02s

or I haven't ruled out trying some semi slicks. The only problem with that is our weather is so #### and I drive the car on a daily basis.:(

My brother is getting the Toyos on his Scooby so I will see what they are like.

oli goon
I have noticed that people are suddenly finding S-02s when a few months ago there were none. Strange. As for the 04s, I don't know but I would guess it will be a while yet. :(

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It's easy to find out if those S-02s coming out to the market now are old stocks or manufactured by Bridgestone even after the S-03s were out.

Just check the manufacturing date on the sidewalls. I always do so before buying any tyre.

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