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this is embarassing. i suppose i could keep it 2 my self but i feel i should come clean,the reason is i piped the fse valve the wrong way round god knows wot damage this could of done but luckily i spotted it after a short run i suspect the car must of been down 50-80bhp it felt that bad . its now running superb boost peaked 2nite @1.22 according 2 the apexi boost controller this has risen from a max of 1.10 b4 i installed the pump |PLS|fse valve, the car pulls very strong i carnt wait 2 get it set up properly. i could tell u that a friend came around when i installed them and put me off but u probably wont belive me !!!! moral is connect up fse valve the wrong way round could cause serious engine damage
1 - 2 of 2 Posts