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Just bought march edition of Evo mag ,and tommi mak came 3rd in a poll.
I don't know why they do it .Do they pitch a car on price ,under a certain value ,or what?
We all know that the Evo is the best 4 door sallon,family carrier,with a boot in the world.
But mags seem to place the Evo against caterams a 2 seater go -cart and a 911 turbo with a price that only rich people can afford.
Ok the lotus elise under 30k another go -cart.
why don't the mags pitch the evo against the jags,mercs amg ,BMW m3 and m5.
I have come to a superior conclusion that the Evo is the ultimate car in all classes.
and they just want it to be beaten.Trouble is that you have to spend £50k to do it.
Know wonder those who admire cars ,and own performance vehicles won't take up the chalange .
I'm bored I may have to take the missus micra out and race a few clio's and pugs.

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The test was based on what Evo mag now commonly call 'evoness'. Basically, its the ability to put a smile on the drivers face. It isn't a test based on real world terms. For the Mak to have come third (which was my car, by the way) is a massive achievement. This is after a 100k Porsche and a stripped out track car (caterham).


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The Evo in that case is the under 30 k all round performer.
I have allsorts of dodgers try and out perform me on the roads .From modded ,to TT .The only thing that has got close around close circuit stop/ start exceleration was a heavily modded .2 litre turbo vauxhaul nova.some where in the region of 225 bhp per who ever was sitting in the driving seat.respect to him.
I know different tests indicate a difference in oppinion,BUT when they pitch the evo against the almighty .Ie 50 k plus ,and a proper road going vehicle and not a go-cart. the Evo is seen to be the almighty.
This is what i love the most ,a charisma dressed up to look like a king .and by Arther and the nights of the round table ,.The evo is sat at the head .
Cem I look at many cars as I am an all round road motor enthusiast.but there is nothing like the Evoness that comes from sitting in and driving an Evo.
Pure bliss,and more addoration ,that my concelling coat can take.
Scoobs get a look in ,then Skyline well?but apart from these ,What ?is the contest.
Mags seem to run out of ideas.



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Its great to see forum members cars appearing in the mags.
more the better.
Sign up for what ever is available,max exposure.of the Dominating EVO.

chers Paul s

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Didn't dominate the RB5 in issue 11 of EVO mag ('we name the greatest 4x4')

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Please not the old Impreza v Evo debate again!

Hey Iain, what got the fastest lap times in that Evo mag test?...hmmm Evo 6 Sprint (RB5 2nd, Evo 6 GSR joint 3rd with 22B)
Also after driving the Evo Sprint they describe the RB5 as having (and I quote here) 'front tyres that feel like marshmallow'
I could go on and find other articles that show people saying the Evo to be greater than any Impreza but that is not the point...

Magazine articles are only opinions by one or two people at one particular time. They can be helpful in sorting out real dogs but in the case of the Evo v Impreza debate the cars are so closely matched that magazine articles can't really separate them.
If you want to decide between cars the only way is to test drive them yourself and make your own mind up. I haven't driven an Impreza (well only on Grand Turismo border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > - the Skyline rules!) so I can't comment on what car is better all I can say is after wanting an Impreza for a long time I changed my mind because they became too common. I wanted something Japanese with a whole heap of performance, exclusive and for about £20-£25k (second hand obviously) and that meant Skyline R33 GTR or Evo 6. I decided on an Evo because of the rallying heritage, looks and the out performance of the Skyline in standard guise. Perhaps I should have test driven a Skyline but once I tried an Evo I was hooked and after 3 months of ownership I can't see myself wanting to buy another car ever again! (well maybe TME when they get cheaper)
At the end of the day go and drive the cars and make your own mind up and don't let magazines do the thinking for you!

As to that latest Evo article remember it was only the PERFORMANCE rating that mattered, not price, comfort, build quality, cost of ownership, etc. etc.
Christ if was a proper group comparison what the hell was a Lupo GTi doing in there against a Porsche!
Personally I agree with the articles conclusion and it also showed up how good the Clio 172 was, very impressive.

Anyway Iain I know you are only have a laugh [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > but it can get annoying because other idiots will not realise that and it will end up with another slanging match. [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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A friend and I settled a epic disagreement last year when he finally agreed to a showdown between his beloved Porsche 993 and my VI GSR (modified as u know).
We selected a road we both knew well and a dry (had to give him a chance border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >)Sunday morning.

The full effect was achieved by allowing him to get in front and waiting for a difficult bit to anihalate him ^-^

Actually I expected to work much harder for it , it was almost too easy[img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

We stopped for breakfast , I waited for minutes before he said anything.
Basically he was staggered that when he thought he was keeping me behind him and the mighty Porsche felt to be at the limit I simply powered past and dissappeared , he said he had to slow down to avoid killing himself!!

I doubt that his Porsche or my Evo was at the limit , well I certainly wasn't , but this was a real world victory [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Guess what he's driving now ?

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EVO Boy, you've hit the nail on the head with the 'real world' comment. I have an EVO VI, which apart from exhaust, filter and springs is standard. I also have a 993rs which is tweaked and gives 319BHP. On the road, for 95% of the time, the EVO would blitz the 911. Throw in anything other than bone dry roads and the EVO walks it 100%. However, for the track the RS is a league ahead of the EVO for entertainment. Thats when the car is in it's true environment. I've driven lots of very rapid road cars, and I would have to say that the EVO is the quickest road car out there. (except for the 996 turbo?)

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I bought the EVO mag in question on the way home from the Renault garage the day after I'd been for my test drive in the new V6 Clio. I'd just been to cancel the order and was pleased to see that someone else agreed with me. It was going to cost about £10k to change to a slower car! Anyway I'm saving up now for a 911 turbo, but it will take me about 10 years, so I think I might have the EVO played with a little. That £10k saved on the Clio should buy about 400 BHP i think.

Nice to see the E6 thats been around for a few years still only beaten by a supercar and a totally impractical, but still very nice, go cart.


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I reckon that its about time they finished pitting the Evo against the Scoob.It gets a little boring,leave this to the rally guys.
It would be nice to see a range of 280 to 350 BHP cars running as a test,including a practicality test .This would perhaps give a broader range ,If the E7 is to become A FAMILY performance saloon[this is on looks only]target for the future.
Trying to find a mag that isn't overley biased is hard,although Auto car is one of the better ones.
Any way I only buy the mags for the pics,none of my pages are stuck together,apart from when I saw my own car in revs,now that was sex.


Paul s

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Original Post:
Any way I only buy the mags for the pics,none of my pages are stuck together,apart from when I saw my own car in revs,now that was sex.

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I must say, that after owning an Escort Cossie (400bhp), a WRX Impreza and a R33 GTR Skyline, my EVO 6 just trounces all over them. No comparison on the impreza front. The R33 was just too big and bulky and not manouverable enough. Devistatingly quick in a straight line though. The Cossie - great handling and such a neck breaker on acceleration.

However, only having had the Evo 6 for 5 weeks now, I can just feel the difference. Still in standard form (for the time being!) there is simply nothing else out there for your pounds that can compete. Forget the £90k Porches, £150k Ferrari's, this car is soooo much more fun.

Nuff said.

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Read tonight in the local shop as no point in buying 3 mags a months auto express and another that excapes me,again pitching the E7 gainst the Imprezza sti.
The E7 getting very favourable revue ,shagging the sti.
The E7 needs now to get amongst the big boys.
Audi A4S the RS4,porche 911 carrera ,BMW roadster ,M5 ,M3 evolution,Brabus|PLS| AMG mercs.
OH !! and a seat cordoba just for the last place .


Paul s

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Ive still to find a mag testing the EVO VII vs STI MY01. Ive seen seperate tests in the same mag, but not side by side. The real test will be when they are driven side by side on UK roads.

Re EVO mag. I went out with them on the original test of the EVO VI vs STI V. Mine was the STI V - look close at some of the photos and you will see me !!. There was really nothing to choose between them. Side by side acceleration my STI pulled away from the EVO. On some of the corners the EVO pulled away a bit. However the article was reaonablly well balanced, apart from some journalistic licence.

Its still amazing how people think a mags great when it reviews a car they like in a good light. If the same mag gives it a bad review, then its being passed brown envelopes by the other manufacturer.


EVO VI vs P1 P1

Some people complained that EVO was in IM pocket. However explain the poor
MY01 review ?.


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I stopped buying EVO mag when I all I saw was advertising from manufacturers who seem to do very well in EVO mag car reviews 2 Scooby calenders, Scooby net advertising on EVO web site yawn yawn. Mags rely on advertising to survive, say no more. If Mitsubishi started advertising in EVO mag they might get better reviews. And no I aint whinning cause at the end of the day I don't give a **** what car the mags say...I know what I like when I drive it.


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To be honest I buy the mags ,just to see what the mighty Evo is pitted against.
Other wise I buy street mags as I like modded cars of all sorts.Thats where some of the challange lies .As I said previous a turbo modded nova gave me a good run around the town.
This I enjoy.
Apart from this I am just a modderate driver and no one has risen to beating me around the roads,and many have tried .
the key to it all, is road usage for us daily punters ,Ihave fun ,and at times things get a little wild ,tail snapping ,power drifting ,off the lights,we never really take the car to extreme,probobly because we are not capable,and its dangerous for all.If other moderate drivers were to take the cars in the mags for a spin I am sure that the Evo would be tops.
How ever i know that given a little fun and games ,the Evo performs enough for me to squash my opposition.
Never putting myself or other road users in danger.I value my life more than others.


paul s
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