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Okay so admittedly, one is on the GT Advance game on the Gameboy Advance. A good way to spend 100 quid though and amp; you can carry on driving evos in your bed, on the bus, at work and when the missus makes you stay in with the family.

I played with the Scoob for the first championship on beginner level but didn't fit any of the mods that I won. When I unlocked the Mitsi halfway thru the intermediate championship I added all the saved up mods to it so its creaming everything in sight and now has a real evil looking front splitter on it ! It will drift at 90 degrees for a whole goddam lap. Needless to say its a lot quicker and handles much better than the scoob ......... :)

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Guess it is like a mini Grand Tourisimo

48 cars I think and at least 30-40 tracks
but obviously its just a small handheld gameboy but then its basically 32bit - things have moved on massivley since teh old gameboy. At the end of the day its just going sideways and racing so its just as much playability and fun as any other game.

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I'm going t buy a GB Advance - Don;t you have problems with the lighting on the screen?

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Jackal, the only think that ####es me off about the UK version of this game is the password system. Apparently the Jap version has a built-in battery back-up.

Bulldog, get yourself over to Curry's and purchase a 'Glow Guard' for a tenner. Totally transforms the GBA.

Incidently rumour has it that there will be a new GBA out soon with a back-light beacuse so many people have complained about the current machines lack of it.

Finally get all you GBA games from here
They have a massively better selection then you can get in the UK and because they are postage free actually work out cheaper then buying here anyway. SHipping takes about 7-14 days from Canada.

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password sytem is a bit annoying - i tried to find a Jap version of teh game on Sat thats not password - but then when I play I play for good length of time so dont have to enter it that much

Screen is dark- you have to play in daylight or under a nice bright bulb thats offset so it doens't refcelt in the screen. Again, tis a shame but easily to wrokaround - if they doa backlit one as rumours suggest I will definitely swap. Bulldog, if U like racing then F-zero and Mariokart are also a lot of fun.

BTW: Rally Advance comes out next year. If you go to there are a few screenshots with a scooby etc.. This is THE game to have for us lot.

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Your a bit of an old gamer at heart ain't you Jackal! (and don't tell me it's for the kids really either :D )

F-Zero and amp; Mario Kart are ESSENTIAL purchases.

I'm massively into games and have been for the past 20 years. The thing is though I bought myself a couple of arcade cabinets during the summer and have spent the last six months building up a quality collection of JAMMA boards but beware this is a seriously expensive hobby (not quite in Evo territory but not far behind!) The most I have paid for a board is £255 but on average I get em for about £60 off eBay.

BTW m8, I've tried emailing you numerous times over the past couple of weeks about those tyres I have for sale but each time the mail gets returned. If you are still interested then they should be available as from next week.

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How did U guess... i done most of the big games in my time. Lost weeks of my life with things like Civ2, Baldurs Gate, Alpha Centauri, C and amp;C, Unreal Tournament etc.. Started life with a Vic20 and PENGO on the BBC micro back in the days and never looked back !

Also, you never guess, I sold a cocktail table with very rare scramble game on it earlier this year. It was in a right state and fit for teh junkyard but I still managed to get 400 quid for it on ebay. Apparently the scramble board is very sought after. You may have seen it on ebay when I sold ? What board cost you 225 ?

I would love a standup Galaxian or Defender if I had a bigger house :)

Let me think about those tyres... at the mo Im runinng SO3's and SO1 mixture so not sure....

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It frightens me how much time I have spent playing some of these games too and I don't normally openly admit to it!
I guess though that at the end of the day as long as it's something you enjoy doing then why not.

Scramble Cocktail:
Basically ANY working cocktail will make good money regardless of condition. I think the original Space Invaders are the most profitable of the lot and in fully restored condition can make £1500|PLS|
Scramble is a beautiful old game and I recently (about 2 months ago) bought an original Konami Scramble pcb (which was supplied with a JAMMA adaptor so that I could just plug n play in my cabinet) for £120. I picked a good day to bid too because the board normally goes for £140 - £150
Kids today don't understand what we see in these old games (I've got a 19 year old brother who thinks I'm mad buying this stuff).
I buy these boards for two reasons:
1) I'm an old nostalgic
2) I simply love playing the games - even today.

Anyway the board I paid £255 for was Namco Classics Volume 2. The boards were made in the mid 90's and are a compliation of Pac-Man, Dig-Dug and amp; Rally X. Not only do they have the original versions of the games on but they also have 'jazzed-up' newer versions too. It's a great board and I'm on the look-out for volume 1 now. Shortly after winning that auction I was talking to someone who reckoned the normal price for this board is nearer £300 so I was happy.

Sometime over the Winter I'm hoping to throw together a few web pages about my game boards, listing the ones that I have with a little bit of information and maybe a few screenshots from the games themselves. Like most things though it's finding the time to do it.

Anyway back to those tyres... can you let me know by 7th December if possible please because I will be paying another visit to Dragon on that day and I'm sure Alan wouldn't mind if I dumped them off there for a while if you were able to pick them up at a later date? If you don;t have them though then I guess I had better bring them back home with me again on the day.


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Chaps, you are men after my own heart :) Scramble was cool, I had a ripoff on the BBC:

Much as I'd like to, I can't afford to start filling the house with cabinets stuffed with JAMMA gear, I have to make do with MAME for reliving all those memories.

Current favorite - APB

Favorite coin-op would either be Twin Cobra, the original Nemesis (Gradius) or Tempest if we're going really old skool.

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Cookie -

you should do a website aboiut your boards. I take it you got the Namco classis game on the Advance then :)

I'll mail you about the tyres.... BTW what di you get done at Dragon ?


Thanks for the pic - brings back some memories !

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I still have my ZX81 ;)
3D Monster Maze was really scary!

I have owned (still have some):
Atari 2600
Oric 1
Oric Atmos
Commodore Amiga
Playstation 1 (for sale if anyones interested)
Nintendo 64 (for sale)
Dreamcast (for sale)
Playstation 2

By the way has anyone else got Rally Trophy on the PC and fancy an online bash?
I haven't tried it online yet but I am wiping the floor with the computer oppositon in my Fulvia 1600HF ;)
(can't wait to unlock the Alpine 110 and Stratos :) )

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Stratos eh..., you sure love your old cars eh HH6 !

is that a new PC rally game, last thing i played was Rally Champ 2000 ?

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chunky... you may well be interested in this despite what you said above!
The reserve is already met and this is looking like an absoulte bargain. Go on, treat yourself for Xmas :)

Incidently you mentioned Nemesis above... I'm actually waiting on an original Nemesis pcb anyday. Last week I got Gradius III and amp; Gradius IV so now all I need is Gradius II (vulcan venture) to complete the collection :)

It's quite a day for deliveries today... I have received original Pooyan, Guzzler, Parodius and amp; Boulder Dash baords all in the last 12 hours!

JacKal... yeah I will get around to doing that webby. Believe it or not I havn't got the Namco Museum on the GBA yet because a friend said it was crap! Maybe he just doesn't like the particular games that are on there. I probably will get it in due course.

Dragon Autosport... I went down there and had the full Magnex exhaust/decat fitted (read all about it here ) and also a carbon rear strut brace. I'm going again next week to have the tyres done at the little garage that Thorak recommended on the other thread and then back to Dragon to have the geometry fine tuned. Also I'm having the HKS Defender box fitted at the same time because since having my Magnex system I'm getting fuel cuts. I know the HKS box of trick isn't the ideal solution but it will have to do for the meantime until a better soloution can be found that won't cost a fortune.

HHS... Someone else was talking about that game the other day (at least I think it was that one - I'll have to ask him again). If I get it we'll have some online fun.

Incidently if you want any help selling that stuff above then just ask. eBay is your best bet and I've made over 400 transasctions on there in the last 7 months so would be more then willing to help/advise.

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Haha! Now I know what to ask Mrs Chunky to get me for Christmas! Somehow I doubt she'll value it the same way I do - it is a chuffing steal though isn't it? And although those old Atari cabinets were a cut above I doubt APB will fit in with the Ikea-dominated mind of most women ;)

The music from the Tron game is forever etched on my mind, I remember the bass being astonishing, it must've had a wee sub somewhere.

Aaahh, memories! :)

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Mind you I did stay up till 5:30am a few weeks ago to bid on a game, no way I was risking losing it by bidding hours in advance :)

In fact I never bid on anything in advance now. If I can't be there at the auction end I don't bid at all.
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