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£10 500 ono

My White Evo 5 RS is up for sale due to a change in personal priorities, looking to get a house and can no longer afford to run or maintain this fantastic car at the same time.

I've owned the car since April 2016 and it has given me zero problems, with the exception of the radiator popping a leak a month ago, the radiator has now been replaced with a brand new Mishimoto aluminium radiator. She has just been serviced with new coolant, oil, filters and spark plugs.

Comes with tonnes of mods listed below and is an absolute pleasure to drive
The entire picture collection can be found here,, not all pics are the best quality but if you want me to take a picture of anything that you can't see, please just ask:

More pictures after the spec list.

Standard Evo 5 engine. Low mileage Evo 9 crank, big end ACL bearings and new Mitsubishi rod bolts fitted. Crankshaft and rotating assembly balanced

Fuel system:
Swirl pot in boot
In tank Walbro
Bosch 044 pump and Sytec Inline filter fitted to plate and mounted on vibration isolators.
Uprated fuel lines running underside of car
Motorsport fittings throughout
Fuel Labs fuel pressure regulator with gauge
Aeromotive fuel rail
Evo 8 MR 560cc injectors

The fuel system also features a nice mod where a hose connects to the fuel sampling valve and at the flick of a switch the pumps can be driven to drain the tank * handy if you want to run duel maps and race fuel. The rear bench seat has been removed and there is a firewall installed for safety as there is a fuel system in the car.

Standard Mitsubishi air box, intercooler, intercooler pipework, intake and throttle body
Evo 9 metal recirculating valve

Evo 8MR turbo

Evo 8 exhaust manifold
Standard Mitsubishi turbo elbow
M2 Motorsport 3" downpipe
M2 Motorsport de-cat
Kakimoto 3" cat-back

Electronics and engine management:
Custom Engine Loom re-wire/wire tuck/tidy
Perring 3 port boost solenoid
Battery relocated to boot
Evo 5 ECU - mapped by Dynotech (March 2016)

Dynodynamics print out results: 360 bhp and 410ftlb's torque (1.7bar boost)
Great map considering it still has a stock air box fitted. It'd be even better with a decent set of cams and an intake kit!

Hel 24 row oil cooler
Mishimoto aluminium radiator, newly fitted

Drive line:
5 speed GSR gearbox
Hel performance braided clutch line
Exedy organic silver box clutch and flywheel kit - 260mm version fitted from later Evos
RS diffs

Tein Monoflex Coilovers (nice condition)
Full Super Pro bush kit
Rear lower arms upgraded to alloy (Evo 5 stock arms are steel)
Enkei Tarmac wheels (wider 8J size)
Muteki light weight steel wheel nuts
MG Autos fast road alignment

Brembos front and rear
Ferodo DS3000 pads in rear (front pads unknown)
Hel braided brake lines

Sparco Pro 2000 bucket seats (not in date)
OMP seat bases
Saebelt 4-point harnesses (in date)
AMS harness bar
Harness eye plates welded into shell
OMP WRC steering wheel
Ralliart gear knob
Rear interior stripped
Aluminium firewall
Front electric windows (rears do not work, unsure why)

Varis carbon bonnet
Carbon boot lid and spoiler blade
Tinted windows
Clean solid chassis
RS fog blanks

3 UK owners
MOT expires March 2018
Comes with private plate PUI 6678
Clocks and speedo in KM

The car had < 40 000km on original clocks. A race dash was then fitted with 0 miles and used for a few years up to < 6000 miles. after the race dash was removed a used Evo 6 dash was put in its place with 98 000km on the clock, leading us to the current figure of 103 743km. The MOT history backs this.
5th gear has a bit of a crunch if changing fast at high RPM.
Front splitter on bumper needs some paint.
Carbon ideally needs relacquer.

That covers everything. Whomever buys this car will be getting a fantastic deal on a well equipped, looked after and desirable Evo. The car is in really nice condition and it its current spec it is a pleasure to drive. The power is fantastic for road use, lots of early torque, smooth power and instant boost means you'll be smiling all the way home. the handling is incredible, changes direction quickly and the feedback you get through the wheel and seat is spot on. Overall the car is a joy to drive. If you're after an Evo for fast road blasts, track days or a base car for motorsport use then this is the one for you.

Location: Stoke-on-Trent

Contact me via messaging on here or email [email protected]

More pictures:

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