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I own a '93 GSR with Blitz induction kit and dump valve fitted, since fitting this there has been a very loud whistle when i rev past 4500rpm and i put this down to the new induction kit. But while out on a track day over the weekend people reckon this sound is not normal and after watching a video taken of me on track i was amazed just how loud it is, it sounds like a jet about to take off.
If anyone else has this kit do you get the same sound at high revs?.

p.s I posted second fastest time of the day behind tuned scooby but ahead of 4 other scoobies, 1 GTi-R, 1 type R integra, 1 RX7 , 1 Elise and a load of mx-5's. Not bad for my first time out on track in this car!

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Is the noise a sort of howl? If so then I've been told this may be the turbo bearings

Although I once had a strange noise on my GSR similar to yours and it turned out to be the exhaust heatshield vibrating in sympathy with the turbo! All I did was push it about until another point of contact was made with the exhaust and I've not heard it for nearly 2 years now.

BTW, are those the only mods you've done to the car and what times were you getting on the strip?
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