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Hi ,
Heard a whining noise from the front drivers side when braking from 80 mph today ..Came of the brakes and noise went...(No its not the mrs)
My pads are due for replacement but the warning light has not yet come on so do you think that could be part of the problem??(car has just done 12,000 and is 12 months old).
Second question is what tools do I need for the Caliper removal..
Thanks to all
Dia Bach :(

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you really should not wait till the warning light comes on before you change the pads !!!!

you do not need to remove the calipers to replace the pads the pads are held in with pins , so you will require a pin punch anda hammer (should only take approx 20mins a side ,the lads that do track days some times change theres inbetween sesions its that easy )

as for your whirring sound do you have groved disks ?

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You will have a wait a long time for the warning light to come on....because there ain't one for pad/disc wear!
The systems I have had on cars in the past are crap anyway and don't work half the time.
If you are getting whining under braking then check the pads and discs for wear and get them changed ASAP.
As 'I've' says it is an easy job to change the pads, for the Evo 5 onwards the only 'specialist' tool you need is a 3-4mm dia punch (you also need pliers on the Evo 5 to remove the 2 pin retaining clips, this is not required on later Evo's). Remove the Brake fluid reservoir cap as it will make prising the caliper pistons slightly easier just make sure it is not too full as it can overflow when you actually prise them back. Now remove the front wheel and whack the steering on full lock. Knock the two pins out of the caliper and catch the cross spring as it flies out ;). Prise back the pistons carefully and remove the old pads. Clean up the shims (don't throw them away) and the caliper pistons and slides. Copper grease the back and sides of the new pads and the front and back of the shims where the piston will meet it, fit them on the pads and slide the new pads in. Replace the cross spring and knock the pins back in and refit the wheel...hey presto...10-15 minute job per side if you are quick :D

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Thanks for the great info again.
I have the pads all ready to fit at the weekend so I will be going for a pit change time of 7 mins....HA HA HA
Thanks again

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Hi Guys,
Fitted the pads (PAGIDS) in 13 mins ...How do the two pins hold the pads in!!!!
Lots of copper ease and no squeeking from them at the moment only the best breaking I have ever had ...The car is totally different with these fitted.
I will keep you all posted as to if I get squeeking from them .Milage at the moment on them |EQU| 100mls
Thanks for all your help again.

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Hi you lot,
Just a quick up-date on my pads and the news is good.
I had a very small amount of squeal from them after the car had been standing for 3 weeks but after a quick 100 down to 0 they were great.
The milage for these is now 2500 and the stopping power is fantastic.
I hope this helps the forum.
All the best for now

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