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I wanted to upgrade the ecu for my evo 4 but dunno which one I should get, cuz I have read a few of them and they are only for evo 5 and amp; 6, and cant seem to find much ecu for the 4gsr, has any one ogt any ideas???
How good is the rallieart ecu??? is it really worth the money?? or should I rather pay the little extra for a desent one?? also what about the superchip for the evo has anyone got them, how good r they ?? I wanted to know how good is the apexi controllers compare to a upgrade ecu?? do they actually make a lot of differance??
On my evo 4, I drove back from london - Loughborough (leicester) once, I give the car a full blast for its true power, I notice that the speedometer r still going after 150mph but the revmeter is already on 7-8000rev and fuel cut comes in. what I dont understand is if my cars limit isnt 150mph and the engine can still be going how can I prevent that to happen??? is it the gearbox too short or what?? I dont understand!!! if I do push the car any further will I blow up the turbo??? why is that restrictor there, just to stop people doing 150 mph ????
Do any know how good a rallieart exhurst is and how much it cost, cuz when I got the car the exhurst is already intstalled but is dame to lound!! my neighboroughs r getting a bit #### off with it. hope u can help me out with my questions! just wanted to know a bit more about my car and what I can do to it!!

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