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I've had the E6 over a year and I'm now getting round to getting a boost gauge.

My question is....other than a boost gauge what else would be useful, bearing in mind future mods like Ecu, cams.....etc. I was thinking about oil temp. Is there anything else that would be better??


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This, IMHO would be my ideal choice :

1) Boost press
2) Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT)
3) Oil temp

My fave gauges at the moment are the Blitz ID gauges in indigo (blue),
the ar5e is, they dont do an EGT gauge in the ID range 8-(

Example prices : Blitz 52mm ID boost £92|PLS|v
Blitz 52mm ID temp £113|PLS|v
HKS 52mm boost £85|PLS|v
HKS 52mm temp £95|PLS|v

Drop me an email on [email protected] and id be happy to mail
you some pics.


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Been thinking along similar lines, and come to a list of:

boost pressure
oil temp
knock sensor (like a Knock Link)

also useful:

oil pressure
red warning lights set for high revs (ie. changeup indicator at 6.5k|PLS| rpm) and unhealthy overboost (define as you see fit ;) )

Heard differing opinions about the usefulness of knock sensors, but anything that'll calm me down when I'm really gunning it sounds like a useful item, even if it isn't necessarily reporting true knocking...


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I can do you 3 defi gauges from £349 all in ;) depending on what you have.

I recommend, boost EGT and oil pressure.


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Justin/ dingy,

Both your options sound absolutely great....BUT.....other that the boost gauge I would have to get someone to fit them as drilling my exhaust for the egt and tracing wires for the oil temp, gives me a serious lack of confidence.

Are there any 'competant' places in Scotland that are able to provide a fitting service??

If I also take the easy route of only fitting the boost gauge, what are the pod options within the car? Any pics on the net?

Sorry to be a pain in the bum :(

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