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Firstly I'd just like to say hello to everyone on the bbs.
I have just moved here from scoobynet after buying and E6 RS2 last week.
I thought I'd miss the scooby, but I started to forget all about her on the drive home from the garage.
The RS2 is awesome border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Anyway to the point, the car I have is standard and I would like to get a full decat exhaust and induction kit.
The big question is which best, Blitz or HKS?
Is the HKS powerflow induction kit a dry filter?
And seeing as the only thing I miss from the scooby is the sound, is the Blitz exhaust system as good a sound as the HKS Hiper?
But most important of all is which systems or combination of the two produce the best power gain and throttle response.
Any and all advice will be much appreciated.

Steve [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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Hi Steve!

The evo vi will not be as noisy as the subaru when you fit a complete exhaust,so if you want some sound go for one that has a small silencer.
You will also have much more difference by changing the exhaust on the evo than on the subaru,as the standard evo exhaust is very restrictive.
Many people get 30bhp with a complete exhaust.

The HKS filter is the super power flow and it's a foam filter.
You can buy it by itself at around 150£ or you can fit the HKS racing suction kit,that I have fitted to my evo v,that includes a straight alloy pipe to the turbo,but keeps the battery at the standard place,at around 300£.
HKS has now for the evo vii a stainless steel mesh filter similar to the blitz filter,but anyway if you prefer the stainless steel mesh filter just go for the BLITZ filter at around 190£.
You can also buy the power engineering alloy airbox that replaces the battery and includes an alloy pipe to the turbo.It can fit any cone filter as the blitz or hks,and it costs 350£.
Monster sports do the same kind of airbox in carbon fiber but you have to order it in Japan.

About the exhaust,you have a large choice.Go for a complete system.
The HKS hyper muffler is really nice and should have a good sound,and if you fit it with the extension kit it includes a stainless steel turbo elbow before the downpipe.
The complete exhaust cost around 950£.

There is also the new apex hayabusa that looks really nice,and it's very light.

Another good exhaust for a really low cost is the magnex,as it costs only 550£.

Have a look at these sites.

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Maxi, thanks for the reply,
that will give me plenty to think about for a while.


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welcome to Evo ownership, you finally seen the light lets hope the scooby stays a dark and distant memory border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >
Its seems the best value for money is Magnex full system with de-cat and down pipe, owners reporting dyno proven gains circa 30bhp from this alone and its pretty loud too. As for the induction system I say go for the HKS Racing Suction kit not only offers better filter but also an induction pipe to improve airflow. These 2 items will give a considerable increase in power but maybe at the sacrifice of a little bottom end torque but the top end/mid range gains will be worth it. both these pieces of kit offer decent value for money and well worth considering. hope this is of help at the end of the day the choice is as they yours.

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Hi Steve

I would suggest the following combination as one of the best sounding |PLS| performance increasing set ups with the added bonus of a near sensible cost.

HKS Racing induction kit |PLS| Spec R group A dump valve , HKS Turbo Elbow and amp; front down pipe , Magnex cat out pipe |PLS| Magnet cat back system .

My E6 GSR runs 325 bhp / 278 ft lbs with std boost and amp; ecu as verified on RR / MLR day.

Mind you I do fancy one of those exotic banana type exhaust manifolds next

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I have the ARC air filter(aluminium box), Buddy Club N1 SS straight thru exhaust, Kakimoto decat pipe and Blitz SSBOV and it show 335bhp at Well Lane Turbo dyno machine.

But the noise level is up to 117 decipels(4000rpm) and it sound great. Like a roaring engine. All the parts from

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