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Hi everybody!

I want to get rid of my slow M3 and get an Evo 6.
Here in France, they're asking 285.000 FF for the RS2. It seems the Ralliart price is just a little under 215.000 FF. But appearently they have none or something. Can anybody tell me what this is about there not being any of these cars for sale? Where in continental Europe can you get an Evo 6 for a good price? Please note I need a left hand drive as I live in France!

Thanx in advance for your help,

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RE:Left hand drive Evo 6 (CHEAP)

I have found one for sale at a good price on It is in Cyprus but i hear it works out the cheapest from there and shipping should not be any bother.

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RE:Where to get LHD Evo 6 for a good price

New RS2 Evo VI LHD at £15850 |PLS| VAT, Black

Ralliart Germany have 50 of these cars they want to move. They are brand new with 0 km.

I have the same car and paid £20 000 |PLS|vat just three months ago!

( -- for photos)

It is a standard RSII with all the features.

Contact Klaus van Hassend |PLS|49 6142 854 125 or 122

Mention my name.


Mark Mansfield
[email protected]
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