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Ok as a complete novice to EVOs and in fact spending more money on a car than a new air freshener what should be first?

I have an EVO VIII 260 GSR. one year old with 2 years warranty left. I have been told if I chip the engine or indeed make any performance enhancing changes to the car it will void the warranty. Is this true? Are there any parts that can be added to it that will NOT void it if its true?

I have been told the first things to do are, Air filter, fuel pump and bigger/better turbo. But as I have said I am new to this and dont want to end up paying out wad loads of cash only to find out it will cost me more to put right if it all goes belly up.

It has just had a new transfer box fitted, under warranty thankfully, and its 2nd service including a new set of boots, Goodyear eagle F1s, they didnt have anything else.

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