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Right, being a very sad and lonely person, I dug out the 'Autocar' issue which heralded (?) the arrival of the VI.

The reason was to compare the dates and hence when the 'official' (don't all laugh at once !) - VII (Rallifart) orderers might actually see their motors.

So, the answer is :

VI 24/03/99 (and it made me so horny I bought one ! - a nice grey one ! - blue actually)
VII 07/03/01 (and I'm wondering; grey now, rallifart whenever or Skyline sometime)

So what's the answer ? based on their performance last time, when can genuine folks who order through Ralli-wànk expect to see their motors ?

BTW - I think I've got a copy of every item of press coverage related to the E6 - ask me if you want anything.

Also, please forgive incoherent nature if this thread - beer has been drunk border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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