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hi there everyone!!
just wondering what size wheels that i could fit on my E6. I would not bother but want to save the Super T's because they are getting a bit tatty now. hot brake dust i would imagine.
Just wondering whether 19 would go on but i dont want to do any body work to the car. Plus is there a smaller selection of wheels/tyres at this size?
Or should i just go for 18 ? How wide could i go? would i have to get the car lowered with the bigger wheels?
Thanks for any advice

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It all depends on what you are looking for!
Are you looking for grip,look or performance?

You can fit 19' wheels to the evo 6 but I seen wrote somewhere that they will touch on the wheel arc under hard driving.Probably you can eliminate this by fitting stif suspensions and slyght modifications.
But don't forget that you will loose acceleration and feeling with 19' especially if they are not made in magnesium and if fitted with larger tyres.

At my opinion the best choice for the evo vi is 8x18 rims,as light as possible(the use of magnesium depends on how much you want to spend for them) like rally inspired speedlines,o.z,tecnomagnesio,with 225/40-18 tyres(p-zero,yokohama,bridgestone s-03).

The grip of the 17 inches wheels is good but they look qiet small,and if you go for high quality 18 inches wheels you can get better look,less weight and better grip!
But pay attention at the weight of the wheel as it really makes a difference in performance and car reactions as they are rotating and they are a non suspended mass.

Have a look at the speedlines 2021sc in magnesium(about 8kg in 18')and 2120 turini(forged alluminium about 11kg in 18').

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Since not all tire companies have the same actual sidewall thickness and tread width, its best experimenting with different tires or asking which has the thickest / thinnest sidewall.

For example, a Dunlop W10 has a slightly shorter sidewall height than Contisport Contact tires. Thus, a friend was able to fit 235/40ZR18 tires on his 18 wheels. He says that he didn't roll the fenders or did anything else to the bodywork. A different brand of tires of the same size might have a marginally taller sidewall height which might not fit / clear the wheel fenders, so ask around.

I'm trying to find the thinnest sidewall height available for 215/45ZR17 tires to fit on my E4, as the norm seems to be on 215/40R17 tires on the E4. With this tire size, I find the sidewalls to thin for Philippine roads.
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