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Hi all,

Ive had my Evo 5 now for a couple of weeks and have decided to put some different wheels on.

I would like to go for 19's, but I think I may have to settle for 18's. Could anyone give me some details of what wheels will fit on my Evo 5, because Im not having much success with the Wheel Outlets at the moment.

I am looking for a 5, 6, 7, or 10 spoke wheel.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Paul Smith (E00 ST)

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Hi Paul,

Power Engineering sell an 18 x 8.5 BBS Challenge wheel for the EVO. I spoke to them receintly
and they confirmed that it would fit onto an EVO 5 with no problems with caliper clearance and no
need to use spacers.

Click on 'products' and then 'exterior' link within this page

I receintly seen a set of these on a EVO 6 and they looked the dogs b*llocks. So much so I am considering a set for my EVO 5 :)

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Power Engineering very expensive.

I have been quoted £1410 all in with good tyres for BBS, CH 18 .


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I was in Skidz in Falkirk and Transcal in Livingston. Both of them quote £1300 for BBS CH, 8.5 x 18 and tyres...fitted. Availability should not be an issue.
Also quoting £1200 for 18 superT's or Chronos.


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Try Raceline, ears motorsport, or Speedline RL7's they are a nice looking wheel :D these wheels are on my car ,but they look nice good on most cars :D
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