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I am surprised not to hear anybody talking about the wheels weight. You seem to be concerned with aestetics, which is fine, but don't forget that the beigger the wheel, the heavier. This is true at least generally.
If you want to get bigger wheels, get lighter wheels at the same time, which means magnesium wheels (£400 a piece). These will not slow down your 0 - 60 times, as alloys would.
Remember that you spend fortunes on Ohlins, Dynamics or Proflex suspensions, don't ruin it all with heavier wheels which the suspensions wont be able to do anything about!

Drive hard, Life's short!


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Hi Claudius!

Before thinking about your wheels weight,remember that your evo is
an rs2,which means aircon,airbags,electric windows,electric mirrors,
long ratio gearbox...

A lot of things that makes your black(beurk!!!)evo loosing acceleration!
I don't event mention that you fit alpine subwoofer and amplifier...

Maybe if you do some mod's you'll be able to go fast,start to change
your standard(re-beurk!!!)exhaust for a blitz one!

see you around!!!
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