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OK, I was talking to friend who owns a performance shop where we all go and tune our cars, watch videos, go racing, etc. I was discussing with him that not alot of wheel manufacturers make wheels that would offset the large brembo brakes that comes in our evos. Now, this guy is been working on prformance cars for many years, and he races in our touring class; you might catch him on speedvision: Hugh Stewart, drives a volks jetta.

Now I told him that to fit 18 wheels, a 30mm offset is a must unless one goes with a spacer. We began argueeing over wheels, and he's a cocky motha, doesn't admit or knows when he's wrong. Now, he tells me that this is the case only when using 18 * 8.5. In the other hand, when one uses 18 * 8, then the wheel is not as wide (by .5 inch), thus it doesn't require such offset. I went ahead and designed yet another scenario: What if one uses 18 * 7.5 or 7.0, then the offset can go as high as 40mm or 45mm. He replies by saying yes. Then, one can assume that the wider the wheel, the offset needs to be lower.

I'm sorry for posting yet another wheel question, it's just that I have read every post from the past regarding this issue, but nothing touches upon what I have heard from this guy today. Can anyone comment?

According to the enkei japan site, it's completely the opposite of he told me. Check this out and tell me what you think:
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