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I have got a wheel bearing type rumble noise on my 2000 Evo 6 GSR up to about 40 mph when it goes away, the car only has 7500 miles on it.
I have changed the tyres front to back and it made no difference. I have had a mechanic listen to all the bearings with a stethoscope and he said they all sound very quiet with no abnormal sounds. I have had the gearbox and transfer box oil changed to Castrol Syntrax and it has been serviced to Ralliart spec sheet by my local Mitsi dealer every 6 months.
Has anyone had a simliar problem or got any ideas on the possible cause of this one?

HH6 any more news?


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I am experiencing the exact same problem on my Evo 6 GSR and I have only done 11000 miles. I have been on to my local dealer about it, only to be told that it is normal and is most likely tire noise. It is definately not that and I am in the process of seeking another opinion from another dealer. Have you had more luck?

Could it be a gearbox bearing?


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that ones easy to answer. You don't need HH6 for this!

Firstly - You are paranoid about your car!

Secondly - You haven't even got a radio in your car so you hear every little tinkle and rattle. Also how can you appreciate the Maystar speakers without one???

Finallly - It seems you just don't listen to your car enough! If the groan goes away at 40mph, it's telling you to bloody well put your foot down, then it's happy!

Coming to Combe on 13th and 27th July?


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Sorry must have missed this one before.
I have recently experienced a similar thing except my rumble starts at about 40mph and doesn't really go away. It started previous to fitting new wheels and tyres and it's still there now so I didn't think it's road/tyre noise although it does sound similar. I have swapped the wheels round and have recently fitted new hubs while I was sticking on some new discs and pads but it's still there 1k miles later. I am hoping it is not the gearbox bearings (again!) but it is not really got any louder over several thousand miles, I suppose it could be a transfer box bearing, again I hope not! It is not that noticeable but it is definitely something that wasn't there before, I will wait until it gets a bit worse before panicing over it though.
I have also recently had some very bad knocking on the front left (I thought the wheel was going to fall off!) which I cured with some tweaks to the suspension and a new Proflex bush. I am now getting the same on the front right (not as bad though). I will replace all bushes on the front this weekend and see how it goes, I was going to wait until I get some new suspension but I will do it now. The bushes may possible cure the rumble but I doubt it.

Possible gearbox bearings but 11k miles will be the earliest I have heard that problem occuring at (I think 18k was the earliest with most up in the 20k's, mine was 23k miles). By the way you can't really mistake gearbox bearing whine for anything else, early on probably but it whines like a bugger later on! Gearbox input shaft bearing whine will start at about 30-40mph and carry on regardless of clutch/gear selection position, it will get slightly louder the faster you go.

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Flymo, I was told by Ralliart to first check the tyres, I have the original SO1's which they said are known to be a noisy tyre. I have just had a service done and they changed the tyres front to back and I am pretty sure that the noise has moved with it, but I have not yet tried any others.
I think the gearbox bearings make a different noise so I don't think mine is that.

Steve, very good :D
CC sounds very interesting, well up for it, I will have to see if I can get my pass authorised, if you know what I mean.
Can my car go faster than 40 then?
Radio? no don't get that one mate, what's one of them?

HH6, cheers mate. When I had a mechanic listen to all my bearings with a screwdriver to his ear, whilst I was driving the car on a two post lift (very weird experience) he said all the wheel bearings were very quiet with no strange noises at all, the part which he said was making a lot of noise was the transfer box. Is this bearing known to fail and if so what has to be done and at what cost?
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