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my record

rice crispies in the morn with 3 buttered toasts and boiled eggs
ribena a pint of beer glass for the ribena

after an hr 2 toasts with cheddar cheese melted

afternoon, 3 pieces of breasts and leg roast spicy chicken, 4 chicken mince spring rolls

and pilau rice with chicken and also salad on top and chilli yoghurt

followed by lamb gravy curry on top with potatoes and lamb and mince kebabs too

then for dessert sweet rice with pistachios, raisins and coconut

then asian tea

late afternoon some asian rice pudding with nuts and coconut again and some coffee

and late dinner

3 mid sized deep pan mini pizzas the good fellas ones

and before i go to sleep some fruit and cold left over chicken

and frosties late at night :D
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