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on an E4, stock says NGK PGR7A... if i were to use Denso Iridium, which should be the correct substitute for stock NGK?! what about HKS Iridium?! which is best after all?!

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Re:what's the mileage

the denso and HKS are nearly identical plugs,your are best off going for whichever you get cheapest.plugs should be changed about every 18,000 miles.if your car is modified go for a colder plug not sure what parts numbers are.
hope this helps

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Re: E4 spark plugs replacement?!

anyone could help me on the correct part no. if i use HKS and Denso plugs as substitute for NGK PGR7A?! what's the correct heat range to use and gap size?!

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Dont think there is much doubt that Denso plugs are the best.

HKS plugs are made by Denso , infact, id say the iridium tipped Denso's
are identical to the HKS plugs apart from packaging.

Stock grade is 7, but you should consider using one grade colder, ie grade 8;
if your running extremeley high boost (1.5|PLS|) perhaps even the coldest , grade 9.

The HKS plugs are graded in 5's, so a grade 7 is S35 , grade 8 is S40 and grade 9 is S45.

Anyway, my advice is to buy the S40's ; I have them in mine and they work fantastically.

There is one VERY important thing to remember, you need type G for an Evo.

SO, S40G is your plug !!! Gap them to 0.8-0.85 , being iridium tipped you must be
ultra careful gapping them.

These plugs should last 30,000 miles , I tend to change mine every 15,000.

Now for the bad part, retail is £14.50|PLS|vat|PLS|delivery per plug.

I always keep loads, so if you get stuck and cant find a local dealer, ill send
some accross with the usual MLR discount.

I think retail on the Denso plugs is £14.50 inc vat.


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Re: E4 GSR spark plugs replacement?!

justin, thanks for the valueable infos!! btw, some says plug no. 8 is longer than 7 (besides colder), is this true?! if i were to buy Denso Iridium Racing plugs, which is the exact model i should get?! any type G or etc. and what about the head size?! what does G signifies?!

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yellow, had any problems with fouling causing cold start problems with the 8's? Presumably you would with the 9's if you weren't always thrashing it.
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