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Hi guys..
I just wonder..
Whats the best or wh must I have..
If I want an turbo upgrade, I want 450hp.. Most turbo upgrades do have an external wastegate.
Why?? If you look at an Cosworth, then you see hp figures up to 550hp with internal wastegates..
Can I use an new manifold, T4 turbo with internal wastegate??


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The cosworth turbos are standard with inturnal wastegate and is easy to find the right 550hp turbo you just use the RS500 t4 so it fits on the manifold of a 2wd car no problems with plumming and only costs around 1,200, on the evo you have to change the manifold to fit any turbo then you have problems with mounting a actuator so it is easyer for fit a exturnal wastegate also it works slightly better.
Thanks Mark
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