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I don't own one. But I am considering getting one. As a formar Calibra Turbo 4 x 4 owner I need some info regarding the Lancer 4 x 4. I basically grew sick of worrying about if my 4 x 4 would go pop . So I need some unbiased opinions of the Lancer 4 x 4. Are there known problems? How much maintenance do they need to maintain? i.e with the Calibra, regular oil change, must keep tyre tread within 2 mm of each other. If you get a blowout and need to replace a tyre, you need to replace all 4.

Your advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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The jap cars don't have as much issue on tyre wear. I heard that about the Vauxhalls, Volvo's are the same, any tyres that have more wear on them then the other put strain on the transmission due to the wheels rotating at different speeds.

On my previous car (GTiR) the front tyres would wear quite quickly compared to the rears (lots of front end weight), I never had any diff or transmission troubles. I'd assume the same with my Lancer.

As for oil changes, its always recommened to change the oil regularly, especially if you drive hard. Modern turbo engines will be put under a lot of stress so its always good to give it a fresh supply of oil every 3-4000 miles or less.



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Albert, the downsides of the evo's are:-
crap brakes (tend to warp even if you drive like a ponce)
clutch a bit lightweight
4500 mile service interval
highish fuel consumption.

Tyres do not wear out that quickly compared to other cars I have had. For instance i got 10000 miles out of the fronts on my Monte turbo, 7000 out of the fronts on my Fiat whereas the S01 on my TME looked barely worn after 7000 miles even on the fronts. This is mainly because it is very difficult to spin the wheels and quite difficult to get them to slide. Also standard tyre pressures are quite high and so reduce wear.

After a puncture I changed all the tyres, but this was down to personal preference rather than absolute requirement. On any sort of performance car I would not mix tread depths on an axle and i personally would not mix them front/rear either.
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