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I think ive narrowed it down to one of these now but just wondered what the difference between the 2 is?

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afaik a lot of poeple were buying RS's in japan then adding aircon and amp; elec windows afterwards - thats why they made the rs2

so teh main points are:

it has arircon (not climate control) and elec windows
it has quick rack
it has GSR gearing
no ayc, no abs,
probably no rear wash wipe
large titanium turbo (as opposed to small one on Mak)

BTW: this is uk spec rs2 as it has been known that some import RS2's have come with all sorts of funny permutations like even AYC ???

The Bog RS is very raw:

wind windows
no air con
sound deadening removed
close ratio gearbox
still has quick 2.2 rack and amp; tit turbo

both have crap seats, i know that rs2 has airbags but don't think that the rs has

all in all, i'd say the rs is way too compromised for acar that does everything (and that is the point of the evo for many). The gearing will be bad for long distances and there are zero creature comforts. Also, some rs's like the TME rs come with small steel wheels only and no brembo brakes - this is the base car for rallying.

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The problem you will have is that the RSII has so many different options available that its difficult to get an exact RSII spec.

I've got an RSX (which is based on an RSII) but has standard GSR gearing, quicker steering rack (2.2 turns lock to lock), aircon but no climate control, no AYC or ABS, front LSD (either Torsen or Helical depending on what was fitted in Japan), titanium turbo, possibly uprated conrod bolts (apparently 90% of RSX's had these done) and Recaro SR seats.

There are also options on the RSII to have a RSII gearbox which has a shorter 3rd,4th and 5th gears but the same final drive ratio as a GSR, also a standard inconel turbo and further options can be added to change it more like a GSR. The Tommi Makinen RSII also has AYC and ABS to further complicate matters.

The standard RS comes with 15 steel wheels, small 2 pot front and single pot rear brakes, no AYC or ABS, no electric mirrors, no aircon or climate control, standard crap seats with very little support, short ratio gear box and the titanium turbo I think.
But then you also have the Ralliart RS Sprint which is based on an RS but has 17 alloys, 4pot Brembo front and 2 pot Brembo rear brakes, Recaro interior etc...

So you can see that there are a lot of versions of RS and RSII's about and it's better to try and get the full spec from the person you're buying from before you decide on what you want.

Hope this helps (probably just adds to the confusion really :D)


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as far as the remaining UK 6 RS2's are concerend there IS a defininte spec and i have it all on a piece of paper in front of me with a covering bulletin from ralliart

so if you have a question then ask me. But just to confirm, they are very very close to gsr spec (color keyed bumpers/door mirrors, thatcham cat 1 alarm, central locking, airbags, electric door mirrors, brembos, Super T's, High mount stop lamp) but:

weight 1280kg,
have no abs,
no ayc,
quick rack,
suspension is not tuned ,
no rear wiper with intermittent wash
mirrors no heated and not electrically fold away
no anti-trapping feauture (whatever that is)
crap seats with height adjustable head restraints
different rear seatbelts (ELR/ALR x 2) whatever that means
no rear window aerial
manual aircon
drivers seat has ride height adjustament
no rear speaker cover

hope that helps

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Cheers for the advice now me heads spining LOL.

Maybe i should just go for a GSR then,for the few extra goodies and then spend a few quid modding that.

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Hi Jason

I think that the GSR is bit heavier, but not 100% sure, The Rs version is simular to, the Type RA Scoob , light weight car ,they all look nice anyway :D
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