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I am planning to tune my evo7 to about 380hp and want 350-360lbft or the torque thats save to run on standard internals.
I have a list with all my mods I have and am planning to do but is it complete, if so what not and is it save to run such power with this modifications? I already did a search but i find so many different opinions and things that I'm not sure anymore... :rolleyes:

-Downpipe, decat, blitz nur spec
-apexi power intake and box
-greddy proftec e01 boostcontroller
-walbro 255lhr pump
-sard fuel pressure regulator
-arp con rod bolts
-arp head stud bolts
-valve springs
-hks cam gears
-cams, but dunno wich one degree.... (so little help please) ;)


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Sounds about spot on. I can't say how suitable the EcuTek is for running this power and boost. Double check with your supplier to be safe, but I'd imagine it will be fine. As for cams, Piper ones are very popular now, but come in a range of different types so you need to work out what will suit you the best.
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