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Hi to all,

I am a proud EVO IV owner in Singapore. I suppose this topic had being discussed before. I hope to seek help and advise from experts here.

Things I had done to my car,
1. HKS air filter with steel pipe
2. HKS intercooler (bigger)
3. Autronic ECU
4. Greddy boost controller
5. HKS hyper Exhuast

Here are my questions,
1. May I know what turbo is EVO IV using? Over here, some say is TD04, some say is TD05.
2. What is the maximum boost I can go? I am currently boosting at 1.2 bar highest.
3. Is a fuel regulator neccessary?
4. Is it a must to change to a better fuel pump?
5. Any other cheaper options that I can do to increase the power?

Your reply is greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

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E4 turbo is TD05HR-16G6-9T

Basically a big 16g tdo5 with reverse spin compared to evo 1,2,3.

The exhaust housing is smaller AR than e5, e6 which are 10.5T.

Your fuel pump is rated at 120 lph compared to e5/6 150 lph. I think an upgrade is very necessary if you are upping the boost.

Only run higher boost if you have some form of fuel management APEX SAFC or standalone management. Bear in mind the e4 standard injectors are only 510cc/min and only good for around 340hp maximum. e56 are 560cc/min but can only be fitted with some form of fuel management computer to compensate.

Your cams are only IN 252 deg duration EX 252 IN 9.5mm lift EX 9.5mm lift

E56 are IN 260 deg duration EX 256 IN 10.0mm lift EX 9.5mm lift

and are a worthwhile upgrade though not as good as HKS 272/264 or 272/272

Also the e4 radiator is a little thinner than the e56 - only 27mm core instead of 35mm so ultimate cooling capacity is a little lower.

Fuel regulator is not necessary but beyond where you are at the moment either APEX SAFC and bigger injectors or a standalone reprogrammeable ECU would be a good idea in order to modify the fuelling properly (and avoid fuel cut).

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Thanks a lot man. Your reply is really of a great help to me. Think I will go change a set of fuel pump.

Sorry mind if I ask another question. Is about AntiLag. Heard is not good for the turbo. What are the things must I change or enhance if I wanna on Antilag? I understand I need to change to a high pressure or high temp gasket. Is that a must? And at what exhaust temp is safe?

Thanks a lot. Cheers

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Anti-lag is not really that practical on a road car. It causes excessive stress on the exhaust manifold and turbo due to the increased temperatures caused by the combustion occuring outside of the cylinders.
This means that you will wear out your turbo quickly and it may need replacing. V. Expensive border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

In order to run a proper anti lag you will need some way of altering the ignition timing and fuelling of the engine (usually done using a programmable ECU but there are other ways). You also need to provide a supply of air for the combustion. This can be done by either using the secondary air system that is already present on the Evo 6 or by using a motor that keeps the throttle butterfly open when you let go of the accelerator pedal. If you go for the motor on the throttle then you will lose the vacuum servo assistance of your brakes. You can therefore either run without servo assistance and modify the brake cylinder to provide a better feel or you would need to run the brake servo from a seperate vacuum source such as a standalone compressor. If you run using the secondary air system then you can keep the servo assistance but you would need to remove the dump valve to stop it from opening and dumping the boost that the anti lag was building up.

When you have all of this sorted, then what you need to do is setup the car so that when you lift off the throttle, you add extra fuel (using the programmable ECU), add the air by whatever method and then retard the ignition timing so that you ignite the mixture in the exhaust manifold.

Doing all this will mean that you can keep the turbo spinning between gear changes and gain all of about 0.1 seconds during gear changes. Is it all really worth it???? Make your own mind up.

Hope this helps


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Thanks for the technical information Andy. I will not be using Anti Lag very often as it is illegal in Singapore. The reason why I want it to be install is mainly becos Autronic have this function then I might as well install it. I might not use it if I go on track. Didnt know that it can create so much damage to the car.

Cheers :)

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hi speedcam,

i'm from your neighbouring country Malaysia and proud owner of an E4 GSR too. *grin* heard about that mighty cool Autronic plug-n-play EMS (c/w ECUCAL software) and thot of getting the same for my monster later. btw, how much you paid for it?! DIY installation?! well, i plan to install cams |PLS| adjustable cam pulleys first and HKS 272/272 is what i've in mind right now. not too sure if i should opt for 272/264 instead?! haven't done much on my E4 except the followings:

- K and amp;N Filter Injection Performance Kit
- Denso Iridium Racing plugs
- APEXi Auto Turbo Timer
- Endless NA-M brake pads
- ARC titanium exhaust manifold cover
- GReddy pillar mount w/ APEXi EL boost |PLS| EGT gauges
- APEXi N1 catback exhaust w/ 3 stainless-steel decat pipe
- DIY manual boost controller (running at 1.2bar now)
- 17 OZ Racing white rims
- uprated ICE

keep in touch dude!! cheers...


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Hi SK,

Glad to know you too. I always envy msian car owner. They can do so much things to their car. Even the proton also can be done up effectively. With the spec you have now, I think the last thing to go for is the ECU after you have completed modifying your internal parts.

I got my autronic for S$2150 includind installation and autotune. The autotune do not seem very impressive, I am still waiting to get my car tune which will cost me abt S$350 flat. You can go to to find out more abt Autronic and they had just authorised one Singapore workshop to distribute and support Autronic, their website is

Which part of Msia you live in? I go to Pasir Gudang once a while, maybe can meet up with you one day.

Cheers :)
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