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On my tuning spree with my EVO, one untouched area is the gearbox, diffs and transfer box. Mine is an RSX, so no AYC to worry about. I am not sure if I have the front LSD or not, or whether this is a good idea anyway.

My main puzzle is ratios. On a track, speeds over 130 are rare, but do happen. Goodwood and Thruxton can result in 140|PLS|. I find the GSR gearing on certain slow corners can leave the car stuck where 2nd is too high, and 3rd is too low (under the boost). Changing to second also wastes time.

The RS gearing (lower 3rd/4th/5th and final drive) worries me as I might loose too much top end, and might spend all my time changing gear! As my car will rev to 8500rpm at least, and should be carrying over 400bhp, the RS gearing may be a liability.

One member suggested using the final drive only, although the 3rd/4th/5th gears only would probably work for me also. My calculations would seem to still leave a reasonable top speed (over 140 to 150 with my engine).

I happy with the shift quality, particularly with the B and amp;M quick shift, and many a proper race driver has said the gearchange is one of the best they have tried. But I can't help but be drawn by the thought of a Dog Box! Problem is, I have never lived with one, or tried one.

How different is it? I know I can do clutchless upshifts with a dog box, but is it really that much better? Not worried about the noise or anything, but how long do they last? I have heard a few thousand miles before each rebuild!

Also, what about the transfer box? For track work, 50/50 split is a pain. 65/35 that the CUSCO unit offers sounds better - can I just swap this, or do the front/rear diffs need to be replaced also. Cusco do these too, so what are the advantages?

Any help, greatly appreciated - I think this is one area that would be too expensive to experiment with!

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The rs2 and gsr uses longer 3rd 4th and 5th gear with the long final and the rs uses short 3rd 4th and 5th with long final. Then in gr.n they use the short rs ratio and the short final.
The top speed of the gsr should be more than 250km/h,rs should be around 220km/h and gr.n around 180km/h.

Probably you can fit the 35/65 cusco transfer by itself and it will be better on dry track.
There are also different front and rear lsd cusco upgrades, with different settings and different types, someones are 1 way and others 1,5 or 2 way, I think that the 2 way is not only working in acceleration but also when you release the throttle.

Anyway upgrading all the lsd for cusco ones should make a big difference, they have a really good reputation in Japan for high tuned evo!

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A serious bit of advice, call Dave Sellens who is/used to be a mechanic for the Mitsu WRC team and goes testing with Tommi and amp; Co. and builds race/rally cars. He'll be able to tell you all you need to know about he different options for gearboxes for the Evo. Try 01245231366 which is his garage, but he travels a lot so might not be there all the time. This guy knows the car and options inside out and doesn't make any mistakes, as in his profession there is no room for errors...
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