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As with every car I've ever owned, I am now finding my current Extreme VII seems to have drastically slowed up - or is that just me getting used to the car :)

I've read in these forums that the general thinking is that having an basic Extreme with the Extreme-S engine mods is the way to go. Can someone please enlighten me as to what modifications this involves, and a rough idea of the cost. As my motor is a basic Ralliart Extreme VII, there shouldn't be any problems with the warranty - or will there ?! - now that's a completely differnet argument aint it

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Gr8 to hear from another 7 Extreme owner! You are suffering from the same problem as me. One answer is to have another car that really is slow, then when you get back into the 7 it seems to have speeded up. In my case it is the wifes TT, which after driving that I get reminded just how gr8 our cars really are! :D

I am considering the upgrade path and have spoken to Toney a few times about it. To go for a full Extreme S engine is not really worth it as it means the whole engine out as they do extra machining to the block compared with our engines. For the cost of engine out, it would never make sense to do. Therefore, the bets route is the top end work that the S has. This involves flowing the head, new cams, intercooler piping and, most importantly, a Gems ECU. There are a couple of other minor bits and pieces but that will get you about 98% of the S engine capability! If you get Dudley to do it, that should keep the warranty intact.

I am considering another route, namely doing it in stages. Withe the internal mods to our engines, they could easily take considerably more boost and to this end, I am considering just fitting the Gems for now. This should give a very noticable gain and maybe even improve fuel consumption. Then I can do the other bits over time. I haven't spoken to Toney about this option, but intend to soon.

I am sending you a seperate mail with my phone number so please feel free to give me a call to discuss.


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